Jim Owens, Ph.D.

Dean, School of Communication Arts & Professor of Media Communication
CCA 205
(859) 858-3511 ext. 2387

Jim Owens is the Dean of the School of Communication Arts at Asbury; Chair of the Media, Journalism & Digital Storytelling Department; and a Professor of Media Communication. He loves working with students, creating innovative opportunities that enhance his students' education and enjoys the adrenaline rush of live television production. He has worked and taught in the television, film, and video industry for over 30 years. Jim has taught television production in universities and colleges in nine countries. 

Jim, winner of a regional Emmy Award (2015) and multiple Telly Awards and was appointed by the Governor of Kentucky to serve on the Kentucky Film Commission beginning in 2016 for a four year term. He has worked on local, regional, and national productions including projects for ESPN, ABC, Turner Sports, Sports Illustrated television, Canadian Broadcasting (CBC), NBC, and CBS. Broadcasts that he has worked on include Monday Night Football, NCAA basketball and 25 years of Indianapolis 500 coverage. His love of travel has allowed him to work on international television productions that have included fourteen Olympic Games and taken him to over thirty countries…trips that usually include Asbury students. 

Owens began his media career in photojournalism. As a freelance photojournalist for newspapers, magazines and the Associated Press; he photographed major news and sports events. His assignments ranged from shooting an Evil Knieval motorcycle jump to traveling with President Reagan on the campaign trail.



B.A. in Christian Ministries, Asbury College (1979)

M.A. in Instructional Systems Technology, Indiana University (1980)

Ed.S. in Instructional Systems Technology, Indiana University (1981)

Ph.D. in Communications, Southeastern University (1984)



• Owens is currently co-producing a one hour television pilot show with Dean Batali (writer of over 15 television series) and Professor Jim Shores. The pilot is being co-directed by Anson Williams (director of over 42 television series including Star Trek: Voyager and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine). (2016)

• Researching and curating a collection of over 300 original production design painting from over 50 films shot between 1930-1980. This collection resides at Asbury University and is also being digitized for educational use. More information on this collection can be found at: AsburyProductionDesignStudiesCenter.com. (2015-present)

• Serves as the director of the Broadcast Training Program, a legacy project of the International Olympic Committee's broadcast division, Olympic Broadcasting Services. The program has trained over 10,000 students to work as entry-level professional broadcasters at the last 14 Olympics. (2002-present)

• In 2015 Owens was the curator of the "Broadcasting the Olympics" exhibition for The Olympic Museum in Lausanne, Switzerland. (2015)

• Produced a video as part of the Opening Ceremonies of the World Equestrian Games.  The project won the EMPIXX Award of Excellence in Film and an AVA award. (2010)



• National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences

• Kentucky Film Commission



 He has had over thirty articles published in television-related magazines in the United States and Europe and is the author of the following books: 

 Television Sports Production, 5th edition, Focal Press, 2016 (Has been published in English, Spanish, and Russian)

 Television Production, 16th edition, Focal Press, 2016 (Has been published in English, Chinese, Italian, and Russian)

Shooting for Story (co-authored with Sarah Leckie), Olympic Broadcasting Services (Madrid, Spain), 2014 (Has been published in English and French)

Video Production Handbook (co-authored with Gerald Millerson)5th edition (currently completing the 6th edition), Focal Press, 2012 (Has been published in English and Spanish) 

Introduction to Television Production, Olympic Broadcasting Services (Madrid, Spain), 2007 (Has been published in English and Chinese) 


Courses Offered

• Multicamera Television Production

• Advanced Television Production

• Senior Seminar

• Remote Television Production

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