Sarah Hogencamp, M.F.A. – Asbury University
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Sarah HogencampAssistant Professor

Department: MediaCom

Office: CCA 249

Phone Extension: 2540

Sarah Leckie Hogencamp joined the faculty of Asbury University in 2013 after 10 years of traveling the world as a documentary filmmaker. She traveled to more than 30 countries with One Mission Society as well as ran her own production company on the side.

Sarah currently teaches Cinematography, Underwater Cinematography, Documentary Filmmaking, Editing, After Effects, Writing for the Media, and Faith, Media and Calling.

Sarah has taken students to South America to shoot a documentaries, Russia and Rio to create news packages at the Olympics for LEX18, Florida to shoot under water films and Utah to participate in the Sundance Film Festival.

Sarah has won various awards as well as nominated for Emmys.


B.A. in Media Communication, Asbury University (2003)

MFA in Digital Cinema Production, National University (2014)

Courses offered: 

  • Cinematography & Lighting
  • Underwater Cinematography
  • Editing Theory & Practice
  • Writing for the Media
  • Master Storytelling Seminar
  • Advanced Cinematography & Lighting
  • Deconstructing the Documentary
  • Faith, Media & Calling

Selected/Recent Publications: 

DP of Nazareth, TV Pilot (May 2016)

Director/Producer of The Judge, teaching series by Ron Ball (2015)

DP of Faith, Love & Chocolate, feature film written and directed by Jeff Day (Summer 2015)

Producer/Director/DP of Despues, documentary (2013-2014)

Producer/Director/DP of Growing Appalachian Leaders, documentary for Education Department (2013)


Old Story, New Method, presenting at the UFVA conference (2016)

Filming in the Developing World, presented at the UFVA conference (2015)

Current research/scholarship: 

POV Storytelling Booklet, published by the International Olympic Committee in Lusanne, Switzerland, published in both French and English (2014)

Article published in Television Production Handbook, which is the top selling TV handbook in Europe and China


DP for Faith, Love and Chocolate.

DP for Nazareth. Anson Williams director. 

Producer. Lucid Arts Concert Series.


UFVA member

Emmy Member, Ohio Valley Chapter

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