Laura Walther, Ph.D. – Asbury University
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Dr. Walther

Chemistry Assistant Professor / Lab Manager

Department: Shaw School of Sciences

Office: Shaw CLC 243

Phone Extension: 2232

Ph.D. University of Kentucky; Analytical Chemistry
M.S. Eastern Kentucky University; Analytical Chemistry
B.A. 1991 Asbury College; Chemistry

At Asbury since 2000

 Courses: Analytical Chemistry, General Chemistry, Forensic Science
 Homeschool Chemistry
 Services: Stockroom supervisor, Chemistry Safety Officer

Chemistry has been fascinating to me since I was in high school. In the laws and theories, I see a pattern; a pattern that tells me that God is faithful.

Professional Interests

I have always loved the basics of chemistry. In analytical chemistry those basics are explored in a depth that reveals their true values. When we truly understand the way the chemistry world works, we better understand the way the world around us works because all around us is chemistry. In addition the precision exemplified in the analytical lab is always the goal of my perfectionistic character.

I am working to extend the reach of the chemistry department into the surrounding community, in particular helping parents involved in home schooling. I teach a lab on campus for home school students. I was home schooled, and I know how frustrating it can be to try to learn something without someone to explain it and without being about to “see” it.

Students discover their passions early in life, and young students are passionate. I love the “aha!” moment when someone suddenly understands a new concept. The lab experience is also instrumental in helping students realize an interest in the sciences. I fondly remember, in my high school days, receiving a buret in the mail; I have loved titrations, integral to analytical work, ever since!

I take my role as science safety officer very seriously. I work to keep up with current regulations and procedures, and to ensure the safety of all who pass through our building.

Personal Interests

I am innately maternal. Several of my students, as well as my own two daughters, call me “mom”. It is one of my greatest joys (and highest honors) to be known not for my own accomplishments, but by the accomplishments of my “children”. Being a mom is more than a role; it is where I genuinely have the opportunity to express God’s love to those around me.


  • Pyrethrins Concentrations in Commercially-available Pet Products: A Method Development for the Analytical Quantitation of Pyretrins by SPE and GC-MS. Master’s thesis (2001).

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