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Faculty & Staff Directory

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Academic Departments

Ancient & Modern Languages

Department homepage

Randy Richardson Kimberly Lowry
Gerald Miller Shelby Thacker
Lodz Pierre-Juanso Yanhong Zheng

Art & Design

Department homepage

Keith A. Barker Elissa Morley
Chris Segre-Lewis Josh Smith
Margaret Park Smith Dr. Linda Stratford

Dayton School of Business

Department homepage

Mike Kane George Allen
Alesha Graves Paul Hamilton
Michael Ross Michelle L. Smith
Emily Walsh RW West, Ph.D.
Mike Yoder Cindy Dean
Sylvia Sutherland  

Christian Studies & Philosophy

Department homepage

Chris Bounds Kevin Anderson
Neil Anderson Clair Allen Budd
Brian Hull Gerald Miller
Claire Peterson David Rightmire
Kirk Sims Nancy Harrison

Communication, Worship & Theatre Arts

Department homepage

Jim Shores, Ph.D. Elizabeth Jones, Ph.D.
Lisa Cluxton Jones, Ed.D. Don Simmons, Ph.D.
Todd Wold Jeff Day, M.F.A.
Jon Roller, Ph.D. Rich Manieri, M.F.A.

School of Education

Department homepage

Dr. Tim Crook Dr. Sharon Bixler
Barbara Hamilton Dr. Allie Rhodes
Dr. David R. Riel Brittany Worthen
Jean Howell Melanie Kinnell
Dr. Kim Brockman Allison Pannell
Lewis Willian Gera Nelson


Department homepage

Chuck Gobin Devin Brown
Kristina Erny Corrie Merricks
Erin Penner Daniel Strait  


Department homepage

Cheryll Crowe Johnson David Coulliette
Duk-Hyung Lee Towanna Roller
Chelsea Parsons  

Media, Journalism & Digital Storytelling

Department homepage

Jim Owens, Ph.D. Doug Walker, Ph.D.
Jim Shores, Ph.D. Elizabeth Jones, Ph.D.
Barry Blair, M.F.A. Sarah Hogencamp, M.F.A.
Heather Hornbeak, M.F.A. Rich Manieri, M.F.A.
Sean Gaffney  
Additional Instructors  


Department homepage

Mark Schell Vicki Bell
Dr. Jill Campbell Glen Flanigan
Nathan Miller Mary Ann Wilder
Don Zent Additional Instructors


Department homepage

Dr. Paul Nesselroade Dr. Janet Dean
Dr. Gay Holcomb Dr. Martin Seitz

Science & Health

Department homepage

Dr. Vins Sutlive Dr. Ken Pickerill
Marvin Ruffner Marilyn Walker
Bobby Baldridge Ben Brammell
Bruce Branan Don Burgess
Trent Ellsworth Varee Crank
Harold Rainwater Dr. Wilson Shafer
Melissa Altman, PhD Malinda Stull
Laura Walther Ann Witherington
Chelsea Parsons Ben Andrews
Ketrell McWhorter  

Social Science & History

Department homepage

Dr. Steve Clements Dr. Glen Spann
Dr. Linda Stratford David R. Swartz
Wendy Jones  

Social Work

Department homepage

Dr. Nick Placido Sarah Ahern Bellew
Ethan Engelhardt, MSW Andrew Reynolds


Department homepage

Mark Whitworth Ron Anderson
Ben Andrews Ken Pickerill
Erin Ferguson Daniel Harris

Athletic Trainers

Megan Anderson

Men’s Baseball

Manny Cervantes  

Women’s Softball

Zack Parsons  

Men’s Basketball

Will Shouse Russell Abner

Women’s Basketball

Chad Mayes  

Men’s & Women’s Cross Country

Randy Crist  

Men’s Golf

Matt McCurry  

Women’s Lacrosse

Nicki Stewart  

Men’s Soccer

Ben Andrews Nate Andrews
Garrett Davis Zach Welch

Women’s Soccer

Elyse Overton  

Men’s and Women’s Swimming

Alex Keyser  

Men’s and Women’s Tennis

Jarred Miller  


Keith Stowe  


Academic Affairs

Office homepage

Timothy Campbell, Ph.D. Dana Moutz
Dr. Victoria Slocum  


Office homepage

Kaity Scanlan Greg Bowling
Brandon Combs Jeremiah Gonia
Kay Huffman Holland Michael
Danielle Miller Brenda Weatherall
Devon Bowling Shelby Gonia
Anna Leigh Morrow Kim Okesson

Adult & Online Learning

Office homepage

Dr. Josh Fee Kristi Boss
Rick Cook Melanie Kierstead
Sara Porter  


Office homepage

Lisa Harper Dawn Smallwood

Business Affairs

Office homepage

Glenn Hamilton Joanna Brown
Gary Howard Sue McKeown
Jon Meyer  

Career and Calling

Office homepage

Michelle Kratzer, MEd, MSW, CSW John Morley


Office homepage

Dr. Mark Troyer Lenore Sweigard
Dawn Smallwood Anne Bennett
Larry Jarrard ’93 Aurora Pullar ’14
Carolyn Ridley ’81 Rev. Stuart Smith ’77
Kimberly Spillman Margaret Torres
Michelle Wickey ’99 Raegan Hicks

Financial Aid

Office homepage

Ron Anderson Desiree Gillis
Dawn Hopkins Leslie Kurtz
Sheila Willett  

Global Engagement Office

Office homepage

Rosanna Willhite Shannon Montgomery

Human Resources

Office homepage

Gregory McGee Brenda Hilbert
Raegan Hicks  

Information Technology Services

Office homepage

Paul Dupree Kristie Hall
Sarah Blankenship Aaron Clements
Gerry Collett Don Hogan
Scott Irwin Loren Lang
Andrew Miller Rachel Miller
Tim Powell Hyrum Rhodes
Paul Stackhouse Robert Williams  

Institutional Effectiveness & Strategic Planning

Office homepage

Dr. Gay Holcomb Dr. Dick Reznik
Paul Stephens Andrea Edin

Intercultural Affairs

Office homepage

Esther D. Jadhav Maria E. Brown
Carolyn Hampton  

Kinlaw Library

Library homepage

Jared Porter Bonnie Temple
Amy Bessin Suzanne Gehring
Katrina Salley Darlene Bryan
Toni Knight Meghan Stewart
Bethany Groves  

Marketing and Communications

Office homepage

Alexa Goins Nicole Huber
Colin McGlothlin Rebecca Vaughn

President’s Office

Office homepage

Kevin Brown Michelle Clark Butcher
Dana Moutz  

Provost Office

Office homepage

Dr. Timothy Wooster Tricia Cairel


Office homepage

Sheryl Voigts Lindsay Allen
Nancy Ellwood Carolee Flewelling
Noel Taylor Wendy Tribble
Macy Williams  

Student Life

Office homepage

Sarah Baldwin Joe Bruner
Greg Haseloff Michelle Kratzer
Paul Stephens Carolyn Hampton
Heather Tyner Maria E. Brown
Esther Jadhav Monica Ray
Jeannie Banter Kevin Bellew
Anna Lee Brown Heidi L. Sunny
Debbie Cannon Kevin Dean
Christine Endicott Kaylyn Moran
John Morley Eric Harbin
Evan Duszynski Dawn Rightmire
Kim Levengood