Loren Lang

Web Programmer
KL 126
(859) 858-3511 ext. 2974

Loren is the Web Programmer for the University's main web site (the one you're looking at) and is responsible for the behind the scenes operation of it.  In short, all the stuff you can't see.

Loren has over 20 years of experience in IT and related fields including a short diversion into disaster recovery planning and a dabble with the Dark Side of the IT industry - management.  Having worked in such diverse environments as banking, manufacturing, health care, internet services and now academia has given him a somewhat unique insight into not only the ways they differ but also how they deal with some of the issues they have in common.

In addition to his work at Asbury, Loren is a drummer, a lousy golfer, a homeschooling father and usually sleepy.  His hobbies include woodworking, video games and actively boycotting Facebook.  He has a profound love of Dire Straits music and an unhealthy obsession with Little Debbie.  He lives in Harrodsburg, KY with his two daughters, two horses, two dogs, two cats, two lizards, and two snakes. If anyone knows where he can get any other pairs of animals and a large delivery of gopher wood, just let him know.

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