Overview - History Department


Dr. Burnam Reynolds, Chair 

History is the story of human community as it has developed through time.  It is a narrative and interpretive study, based upon documentary evidence. History plays a central role in the liberal arts curriculum because of its value in illustrating the human condition through time and because it integrates into a comprehensible whole the range of activities that have formed the human experience. In addition to its contribution to the foundational liberal arts program at Asbury, the History Department offers specialized courses. The History major prepares students for a number of occupations and postgraduate studies, including secondary and college teaching, Law, the Christian ministry, government and public service.  In addition, History courses can be taken as electives by students in other majors.  The History Department sponsors Phi Alpha Theta, an active national honor society for History and Social Studies (Secondary Education) Majors.



The Pre-Law Handbook: The Official Guide to U.S. Law Schools states that most law schools do not recommend "pre‑law" majors because they believe that "courses designated 'pre‑law' tend to be a less effective means of preparing for law school". For this reason, Asbury University does not have such a major.  The Handbook further states: "While no single curricular path is the ideal preparation for law school, a broadly based undergraduate program that includes training in analytical reasoning and writing will serve you well.  Law schools want students who can think, read and write and who have some understanding of the forces that have shaped human experience".  Asbury University has a number of majors that will accomplish the above objectives.  Interested students should contact Dr. Steve Clements, the law-school advisor.


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