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Biological Science Grades 8-12 Major

Asbury’s biological science major for grades 8-12 education begins a journey of lifelong learning and boundless exploration through hands-on experiences teaching and engaging with biology subjects for secondary school. Offering a holistic, interdisciplinary curriculum that teaches students how to propel their growth in wisdom and purpose, Asbury University creates a space where you can nurture your creativity to transform the future of learning, service and work.

In Asbury’s Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Biological Science Education degree program, you will experience high-quality classroom and lab learning and participate in student teaching, uplifting your vision of becoming a certified high school biology teacher or pursuing further education in graduate programs. Asbury’s School of Education and the Department of Science and Health share strong commitments to a quality biological science degree program. Our alumni earn high passing rates on the Praxis, a teacher certification exam, and often go on to attain teacher certification in teaching grades 8-12.

Biological Science Degree Requirements and Outcomes

The biological science education major explores the expansive reach of scientific principles in a balance of teaching methods courses, intriguing core science courses and Asbury’s Foundations general education curriculum.

Degree requirements for the Bachelor of Science in Biological Science Education Grades 8-12 include:

  • 90 credits in core biological science and secondary education courses
  • Two biology electives
  • 12 course credits from a student teaching experience
  • Senior research course
  • Satisfaction of math proficiency requirement (can be met through ACT/SAT scores)
  • 42 credits in Foundations liberal arts courses

Foundations is a forward-thinking general education program where students learn how to be critical thinkers and discern deeper meaning behind the power of beauty on Earth in multiple shapes and forms. Courses explore quantitative and writing skills, philosophy, humanities and global perspectives, completing a well-rounded education that empowers students to make the world a better place in their unique path. Learn more about Asbury’s interdisciplinary Foundations curriculum. Review complete biological science education major requirements.

Biological Science Major Courses

In core courses, you’ll gain a high level of the necessary scientific knowledge in both traditional classrooms and in hands-on laboratory settings. Biological science major subjects include:

  • General biology
  • Genetics
  • Chemistry
  • Ethics and research methods in biological sciences
  • Environmental biology and earth science
  • Plant biology
  • Human biology

Additionally, you’ll build a solid background in pedagogical methods through courses covering topics such as:

  • Human growth and development
  • Technology for education
  • Performance assessment
  • Classroom management

Find course descriptions and further information in the Asbury course catalog.

Preparation for Teacher Certification and Postsecondary Pathways

Through experiential, immersive instruction in key pedagogical and scientific skills, this major prepares students for qualifying exams and teacher certification. You’ll learn the content and methods that foster success teaching biology in high schools, a career that the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts will have an average growth of 8% between 2020-2030.

If you’re called to earn a master’s degree in teaching or pursue graduate programs related to teaching or researching secondary biology education, a bachelor’s with built-in student teaching experience and relevant coursework could expand your academic possibilities. STEM continues to be a sought-after specialty in education: the BLS reports faster than average projected growth, 10%-15%, in teaching biological sciences in roles requiring a master’s degree.

Review requirements for completing the Teacher Education Program, which includes the clinical semester and culminates in graduating with a recommendation for certification.

Why Study Biology Education at Asbury University?

Asbury is well-known for the quality of its education programs. As a biological science education major, you’ll gain a diverse toolbox of skills that make our graduates attractive to employers. 

To ensure quality for the public, the School of Education is nationally accredited by the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP) and is accredited at the state level by the Education Professional Standards Board (EPSB).

Study Abroad and Off-Campus Programs

Our degree programs are designed to honor the importance of experiential learning, from off-campus projects to travel abroad opportunities. Education travel courses have led students as far as Haiti and China, integrating learning, faith, mission and exploration to learn more about our increasingly global world.

Explore Asbury’s flourishing off-campus and travel programs, community service opportunities and the Cross-Cultural Engagement immersion program.

Unparalleled Campus Facilities and Student Resources

Asbury’s Science and Health Department facilities allow biology students to immerse themselves in the latest laboratory equipment as well as in Asbury’s own nature area and get their hands dirty conducting research in the hillsides of the Kentucky River Palisades. 

See the kinds of facilities available to biological science majors, including the designated nature area and Asbury Trails, home to a number of endangered species.

The School of Education provides career-oriented resources for students pursuing a future in education, including a curriculum lab with over 8,000 resources, opportunities for grants and resume-building opportunities and job placement help. Review School of Education student resources.

Research Conferences and Student Teaching

Majoring in biological science education grades 8-12, you’ll enjoy opportunities to work alongside experienced faculty to prepare and present research in a range of conferences and competitions, like the Kentucky Academy of Science (KAS) and the school-wide SEARCH event

The intersection of the School of Education with the expert faculty of the Science and Health Department creates a unique opportunity for students to benefit from a robust research environment and progressive teaching experiences. You’ll participate in a student teaching component, fulfilling a full semester of coursework while applying new skills in a productive, professional setting. 

Learn how some of our recent graduates earned research internships at major companies and government agencies.

Related Science Education Degree Programs

Asbury University confers various degrees in biology, in science education and in related fields. In addition to the B.S. in Biological Science Education focused on grades 8-12, program offerings include:

Check out the degrees and certifications available at the School of Education and related science degrees offered by the Science and Health department.

Asbury University Admissions and Financial Aid

Interested in this Bachelor of Science in Biological Science Education program? Review Asbury’s undergraduate admissions information and application requirements and take the next step by planning a visit to campus.

Asbury Financial Aid is here to help you understand options for financing your education. Explore complete tuition, scholarship and financial aid information.

Apply to the B.S. in Biological Science Education Grades 8-12

If you’re excited to start your career as a high school biology teacher in the state of Kentucky or beyond, our biological science education major provides foundational scientific and pedagogical knowledge to help fully realize the transformative power of your creativity and passion.

Apply to the Bachelor of Science in Biological Science Education Grades 8-12 today or contact Asbury Admissions more information.