SEARCH at Asbury

SEARCH is Asbury's hub for imaginative intellectual activity. Through year-round events, programs and creative forms of scholarship, we promote transformative learning of all kinds, equipping the Asbury community to lead. We create space, foster fellowship and ignite conversations among students, faculty, alumni and scholars.

What we do

SEARCH Symposium 2024

Classroom Assignment Previews Leaderboard

Project funding serves as forerunner for new SEARCH programming in conjunction with Studio space.

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Boundaries and Horizons

Event on origins accomplishes the aim of SEARCH

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AU Offers Unrivaled Preparation for the 21st Century Marketplace

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Student Showcase

With the help of a professor, present the best of your academic work at SEARCH's annual Symposium.
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for discovery

SEARCH arises from Asbury’s conviction that we are formed to wonder, think, communicate and connect through our scholarship and creativity. We are created to create, made for making and given minds because we are designed for discovery. Across academic disciplines and fields of expertise, we come together to nurture intellectual growth as an expression of our faith.

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