Science & Health Facilities – Asbury University
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The Hamann-Ray building is home to the Science and Math programs at Asbury University. In addition to lecture rooms and offices, there are computer facilities for the biology, chemistry and math programs. A student lounge is located on the third floor.

The building has separate laboratories for general, organic and analytical chemistry. There are labs for biology, botany, microbiology and biochemistry. Physics and earth science also have their own facilities.

One of the strengths of Asbury’s science program is that students can, and do, use all of our equipment. Students in organic chemistry use chromatography, NMR and FTIR instruments. Students in analytical chemistry use atomic absorption spectrometers, UV-visible spectrometers, and HPLC instruments. Biochemistry students use a thermocycler and electrophoresis to conduct experiments with DNA. Biology students have access to high resolution research microscopes, autoclaves, incubators, and a biohazard hood. There is also equipment for environmental studies, anatomy and physiology.

The University owns a 340 acre farm one mile south of Wilmore along the Kentucky River Palisades. A portion of the farm, including the bluffs and hillsides, has been designated as a nature area . The area is used by biology and earth science students, and there are two miles of trails which are open to the public. The Palisades farm is also home to the Asbury Equine program and the Challenge Course.