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Chemistry Major

Chemistry Major Sheet (PDF)

Why study Chemistry at Asbury University?

The Chemistry major at Asbury University prepares students for work in industry, government, or academic fields. Students will gain skills in scientific reasoning, apply mathematical and physical concepts underlying chemical processes, and participate in research to facilitate understanding.

One of the benefits to studying Chemistry at Asbury is the small class sizes in both introductory and upper division classes, which ensures that professors are available to answer your questions, leaving you ready for the steps ahead. Another strength of Asbury’s Chemistry program is that you can, and will, use all of our equipment. In Organic Chemistry, you will use chromatography, NMR and FTIR instruments, and in Analytical Chemistry, atomic absorption spectrometers, UV-visible spectrometers, and HPLC instruments. In addition, the Foundations program will offer you the resources to think deeply and engage society in a marketplace that demands integrative thinking.

Many Asbury students do their senior research with other highly respected institutions, and every year AU receives compliments about the quality, knowledge and work ethic of our students. Many of those students then receive scholarships for graduate school.

What is the Chemistry major like?

Chemistry is a branch of the physical sciences involving the study of matter and its changes. As a Chemistry major, you will focus on

  • the composition, characteristics, changes, and uses of substances and energy
  • exploring the benefits and dangers of those substances for people

As a Chemistry major, you will gain experience in each of the sub-disciplines of Chemistry: Inorganic, Organic, Analytical, Biological, and Physical. You can expect to take courses in those sectors, as well as Calculus and Physics. A Chemistry major can choose between standard and advanced track concentrations.

What opportunities will I have outside of class?

At Asbury, experienced faculty work with you directly as you prepare to present your research at the annual SEARCH symposium and in other conferences across the nation. Chemistry majors also have many opportunities to do research with Asbury alums and to participate in national research programs. Some of the research our students have done:

  • “Determination of Ochratoxin A in Kentucky Black Walnuts” Bryce ’20
  • “Robotic Therapies for Pediatric Patients Affected by Cerebral Palsy” Tyler ’21
  • “Synthesis of a Gallium Metallocavit and Nanoparticle for Bacterial Inhibition” Bryce ’20
  • “Algae Growth Optimization and Further Applications” Young ’20 and Olivia ’22
  • “Development of a Highly Efficient Nicotine-Metabolizing Enzyme through Computational Design” Young ’18

What can I do with a degree in Chemistry?

Employment opportunities in Chemistry are outstanding. The Chemistry major prepares you for work or graduate programs in fields such as Quality Assurance, Environmental Science, Geochemistry and Biophysics. Excellent fellowships and assistant-ships are available if you go on to graduate school.