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Mathematics Major and Minor

See the Mathematics Major Sheet (PDF) to view the required courses for this major. A Mathematics Minor Sheet (PDF) is also available.

Why study Mathematics at Asbury University?

At Asbury University, you will receive a Christ-centered and student-focused education that will provide you with the background needed to succeed in the industry. Big-box schools may have larger departments and bigger budgets, but you do not get better training by being one of hundreds. As an AU student, in both introductory and upper division classes, the small class sizes ensure professors are available to answer your questions, leaving you ready for the steps ahead. In addition, the Foundations program will offer you the resources to think deeply and engage society in a marketplace that demands integrative thinking.

Many AU students do research and internships with other highly respected institutions and companies, and every year AU receives compliments about the quality, knowledge and work ethic of our students. Many of those students then receive scholarships for graduate school.

What is the Mathematics major like?

As a Mathematics major, you can expect to take courses like:

  • Applied Mathematics
  • Abstract Algebra
  • Complex Analysis
  • Data Science

The Mathematics major allows you flexibility in choosing a minor area of study as an application of the mathematical and critical thinking skills you learn in Math Department courses. Suggested minors range from the sciences (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, or the Computational Science emphasis) to Business Administration, Art & Design or Media Communication.

The Hamann-Ray Science Center is home to the Mathematics Department classrooms and offices.

What can I do with a degree in Mathematics?

The Mathematics major prepares you for graduate study in mathematics, mathematical physics, operations research, statistics, or a related area that relies heavily upon the foundation of theoretical mathematics. With this background, opportunities open up for eventual employment in teaching and research at the college or university level, or in being a member of a research team in government or industry.

Some of our graduates are working as:

  • Professor of Mathematics
  • Webmaster for Dave Ramsey Ministries
  • Environmental Modeler at Army Corps of Engineers
  • Civil Engineer
  • Actuary

What opportunities will I have outside of class?

  • In math modeling competitions, such as COMAP and SCUDEM, you apply what you learn in class to real-world situations.
  • Many Asbury students do internships with highly respected companies, and every year AU receives compliments about the quality, knowledge and work ethic of our students.
  • You can request that a professor work with you directly as you prepare to present your research at the annual SEARCH Symposium and in other conferences across the nation. Some of the recent research our students have done:
    • “Using Topological Hierarchical Decomposition to Study Neural Output from Motor Behavior” Meg ’20 and Hayley ’20
    • “Clean Energy Production Model for Arizona, California, New Mexico and Texas” Harrison ’20

Mathematics Minor

See the Mathematics Minor Sheet (PDF) to view the required courses for this minor.