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Sociology Major Sheet (PDF)
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Asbury University’s Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in sociology prepares students for citizenship in an increasingly complex and globalized society. In the tradition of Wesleyan social engagement, coursework explores the nuances of social inequalities and emphasizes the pursuit of justice and human flourishing as a response. The degree is designed to equip students with theoretical tools and practical skills necessary to enter vocational fields like public health, international humanitarian work, ministry, community development, and law, as well as graduate work in the social sciences.

The curriculum features a core set of courses devoted to the basics of sociology as a discipline along with a flexible set of elective credits, allowing students to tailor the program to their own interests and vocational goals. Some students use this flexibility to double major in programs like social work, creative writing, and intercultural studies, while others participate in off-campus programs and internships in places like Uganda, Washington D.C., France, and rural Kentucky.