Accounting Major – Asbury University
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The Accounting major at the Dayton School of Business is focused on preparing students for careers in public, private and not-for-profit accounting, as well as for graduate studies and accounting certifications such as the CPA and CMA. We focus on teaching students the necessary technical and critical thinking skills and an understanding of the broadness of business with an ability to work well with people.

The field of accounting provides a vast number of job opportunities within all types of organizations from public accounting firms to businesses to churches and other service organizations. To most effectively prepare for the different areas of accounting and the opportunity to impact the kingdom through our work, our accounting major challenges accounting students to consider the technical skills that they are learning through a Biblical lens. Ultimately, we desire that accounting students are technically sound in their knowledge of accounting, able to collaborate effectively with others, and to experience Christ through their work at Asbury so they are best equipped for their future endeavors.

Asbury requires 124 semester hours for a bachelor’s degree. Students interested in an accounting major should be aware that in many states, the Society of Certified Public Accountants requires 150 credit hours to sit for the CPA exam. Our recommendation is that the student complete the undergraduate accounting major from Asbury and obtain the additional hours needed to sit for the CPA exam in a graduate program such as the Asbury +1 MBA.

Accounting Major Sheet (PDF)