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Bachelor of Science in Chemistry Education for Teaching Grades 8-12

The Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Chemistry Education Grade 8-12 degree program empowers graduates to pursue a career teaching chemistry in secondary school settings, driven by an intentional, holistic approach.

As a chemistry education major at Asbury University, you’ll inquire, question and reach new heights, from research in the laboratory to discussion in the classroom. Through a student teaching experience and opportunities to conduct independent research projects, you’ll gain skills to effectively teach the scientific methods that uncover truths about what forms the world around us.

Whether you’re seeking a career teaching high school chemistry in Kentucky or in other public and private educational institutions, our bachelor’s degree in chemistry education launches opportunities for teaching careers or for pursuing graduate programs.

Learn why Asbury graduates report high passing rates on the Praxis exam, a teacher certification assessment.

Chemistry Education Degree Requirements and Outcomes

Asbury’s chemistry education major ventures to give you the necessary expertise expanding your abilities to serve as a steward to the next generation of chemistry students. You’ll learn fundamental science principles, study advanced chemistry and learn effective teaching methods for high school settings.

Degree requirements for the B.S. in Chemistry Education Grades 8-12 include:

  • 94 credits in core chemistry topics and secondary education
  • 3 clinical-based experience courses involving exposure to real-world classrooms
  • Independent senior chemistry research project
  • One full year (12 credits) in a professional student teaching experience
  • 39 credits of Foundations general education courses

Foundations is Asbury’s liberal arts-based general education curriculum. Through a variety of interdisciplinary courses, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of faith, art, philosophy, the role of global citizens and how to apply your wisdom to critically assess any problem in your career, your community and beyond.

Explore the Foundations general education curriculum.

Review complete degree requirements for the chemistry education major.

Chemistry Education Major Courses

Courses in this program focus on hands-on learning both in the lab and in the classroom, fueling your ability to teach chemistry creatively and effectively in high school settings and beyond.

Chemistry core courses cover topics like:

  • General biology
  • General chemistry
  • Organic chemistry
  • Analytical chemistry
  • Chemical research
  • Earth Science
  • Physics
  • Ethical issues in chemistry application and practice

In educational courses, you’ll gain a foundation in pedagogical topics such as:

  • Technology for education
  • Reading and writing in the discipline
  • Learning performance and assessment
  • Classroom management
  • Secondary education methods

Find course descriptions and more information in the course catalog.

Secondary Education Certification and Postsecondary Pathways

As part of Asbury’s state-approved teacher education programs, the B.S. in Chemistry Education Grades 8-12 incorporates the required coursework and experiential components you need to apply for certification to teach high school chemistry in Kentucky. Nationally, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts the number of high school teachers will grow 8% between 2020 and 2030.

Through immersive, experiential instruction in methods that uplift all learners, the bachelor’s degree also builds a foundation for students called to pursue graduate programs in teaching or researching secondary chemistry education. In 2020, the BLS reported that the mean annual salary for individuals teaching chemistry in post-secondary settings is more than $94,600.

Review further information for completing the Teacher Education Program.

Why Study Chemistry Education at Asbury University?

Asbury chemistry education alumni are sought after by employers due to the holistic, interdisciplinary instruction, where students gain the skills and knowledge to pass certifying exams and become high school chemistry teachers who foster creativity and excellence in others.

To ensure quality for the public, the School of Education is nationally accredited by the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP) and is accredited at the state level by the Education Professional Standards Board (EPSB).

Student Teaching and Research Opportunities

As a chemistry education major, you can graduate backed by practical experience teaching chemistry in high school settings. Through the student teaching clinical experience and built-in independent research projects, you’ll prepare for teacher certification and learn how to apply your expertise in actual classrooms.

Alongside Asbury’s forward-thinking faculty and your peers, you can endeavor to present your independent research at conferences and research competitions, from the Kentucky Academy of Science (KAS) to the campus-wide SEARCH event.

Asbury Off-Campus Experiences and Study Abroad

Asbury University intentionally promotes exploration and growth through experiential learning experiences, daring our chemistry education majors to discover and reveal truth both in the lab and in the field.

Community service and cross-cultural experiences are opportunities to engage with the increasingly global world, journeying in mutual growth to bridge your passions with your future through meaningful action.

Asbury offers travel courses in education and other subjects, where you can integrate learning, faith, missions and exploration by taking your studies to places as far as Haiti and China.

Learn more about yourself and your professional calling through Asbury study abroad and off-campus opportunities.

Campus Facilities and Resources

From academic resources such as tutoring and accessibility services to career-oriented programs supporting future educators including grant opportunities and job placement assistance, Asbury is here to support you on your personal and professional journey. Explore School of Education student resources and Asbury’s academic support services.

As a chemistry education major, you’ll have access to Asbury’s science facilities, where you’ll use the latest technology and equipment in three dedicated chemistry labs. See the facilities available to chemistry education students.

Related Degree Programs in Science Education

If you’re interested in other chemistry majors or science education degree pathways, Asbury also offers the following programs:

Review the complete degree offerings of the School of Education and the Science and Health Department.

Learn About Asbury Admissions and Financial Aid

If you wish to start on the path to becoming a high school teacher in Kentucky, teaching in postsecondary educational institutions or forging a new future in education research graduate programs, review admission standards and learn how to apply to Asbury University’s chemistry education major.

100% of the 2022-2023 incoming freshman class received scholarships. Learn how Asbury financial aid can help you decide how to fund your education.

Apply to the Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry Education Grades 8-12

In our B.S. in Chemistry Education degree program, you’ll gain the ability to fearlessly design and implement plans in any classroom, guiding each unique student to understand the expansive possibilities of chemistry throughout your future career.

Apply to the Bachelor of Science in Chemistry Education Grades 8-12 today, plan a campus visit or contact the Asbury admissions office for more information.