Youth Ministry Program – Asbury University
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Youth Ministry Major Sheet (PDF)
Youth Ministry Minor Sheet (PDF)

Do you feel called to help young people grow into fully committed followers of Jesus Christ? Are you looking for a college degree that will challenge you to think critically, solve problems and be creative?

The Youth Ministry program prepares students for leadership roles in ministry with adolescents in church and parachurch settings. Rooted in theological reflection and the study of the unique developmental journey of youth, the program equips students for evaluating various models of ministry with adolescents and developing their own consistent approach. A focus on teaching and mentoring youth is supported by study and practice in evangelism, discipleship, counseling, recreation, and assessment of cultural systems and influences that affect youth, with a goal of guiding youth to Christian maturity and participation in the Church’s ministry. Both a Major and a Minor are available in Youth Ministry at Asbury.

Uniquely Adaptable:

Youth live in a globalized and rapidly changing world of many cultures. One size or type of youth ministry does not fit all contexts. The Youth Ministry program at Asbury will help you develop skills in understanding youth cultures, thinking critically about where God is at work in those diverse youth cultures, and developing an appropriate ministry approach to fit that context.

In addition to learning this adaptable approach to youth ministry, students will be actively engaged in observing and participating in youth ministry settings through Youth Ministry Practicum and Internships. Graduates develop a comprehensive portfolio that will assist them in following God’s call on their lives after graduation.

Real Ministry connections

Our department has strong connections with youth ministry leaders from around the world including:

Christian Ministries #3

  • Most denominations
  • Youth for Christ
  • Urban Youth Workers Institute
  • Local church youth ministries in every context from rural to urban to international
  • Youth Specialties Academic Support Network

Asbury University is part of the Youth Specialties Academic Support Network. This generous program on the part of Youth Specialties benefits our students in numerous ways, including reduced registration fees at national and regional youth ministry conferences.

What can I do with this major?

Graduates of Asbury’s Youth Ministry program are in a variety of roles involving youth ministry including:

  • Continuing education at an accredited seminary
  • Middle School Ministry
  • High School Ministry
  • College Age Ministry
  • Urban Youth Ministry
  • Denominational Youth Ministry Leadership Roles
  • Christian school teachers
  • Parachurch organizations
  • Youth Mission Organizations
  • Colleges and Universities with Leading Youth Institutes

Related programs

Asbury University offers related programs in Christian Ministries, Worship Arts, Missions, Bible/Theology and Adventure Leadership.