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Bachelor’s Degree in Communication

Learn to communicate, collaborate and innovate across a range of interpersonal and professional contexts.

Asbury University’s Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Communication degree program equips students with the lifelong skills that employers are looking for, from leadership and collaboration to the ability to respond with agility to change.

Whether you like to write, speak, work with people, or all three, majoring in communication at Asbury nourishes your talents in preparation for your future vocation and further education in areas such as government, education, public relations, advertising, journalism and more.

With a comprehensive communications curriculum that strengthens critical thinking skills and community partnerships that broaden your network, Asbury University’s communications degree program gives students what they need to find success and spiritual fulfillment in communications career paths.

B.A. in Communication Requirements

Requirements for the B.A. in Communication include a well-rounded liberal arts curriculum and required major courses. By choosing one of four career-focused concentrations, you’ll learn broad communication concepts with the flexibility to specialize your study in a particular career-focused area.

Degree requirements to graduate with a bachelor’s in communication include:

  • 20 course credits in communication major courses
  • 26-33 course credits in concentration area courses
  • 56 course credits fulfilling Foundations requirements
  • Electives as needed to meet Bachelor of Arts credit minimum (15-22 credits)

The bachelor’s in communication program can typically be completed in four years—including internships and career exploration seminars. Review complete degree requirements on the major sheet and learn more about the academic goals of the program.

Concentration Areas

All communications majors take courses diving into topics such as:

  • Interpersonal communication
  • Communication theory
  • Research methods

Then, your concentration area courses will prepare you in particular skills that drive you to confidently begin your job search.

▾ Public Relations

Communication majors concentrating in public relations, or PR, learn the essential theories and practices of public relations, such as press release creation, PR firm operations and crisis planning. Then, students apply their skills in communication, design, marketing and media in an agency setting through a practicum experience.

Explore public relations concentration requirements and course descriptions.

▾ Communication Leadership

If you’re interested in progressing to management positions or pursuing advanced executive roles aided by further education and future experience, take the leadership concentration. You’ll master the tools and applications you need to create and implement management strategies and communicate with all individuals and stakeholders effectively as a leader.

Explore leadership concentration requirements and course descriptions.

▾ International Communication

In this concentration, learn how to identify, research, understand and apply knowledge of fundamental topics, theories and concepts of intercultural communication and international issues. Specializing in international communication positions students for careers and further education in education, business and government.

Explore international concentration requirements and course descriptions.

▾ Social Media Communication

Students who select the social media communication concentration take courses and work internships to learn disciplines such as writing, video and photojournalism, graphic design and emerging technologies, strengthening their ability to use the medium of social media to communicate effectively to any audience.

Explore social media concentration requirements and course descriptions.

▾ Sport Communication

Are you interested in a career in the exciting world of sports? Customize your Sport Communication journey in fan engagements, sport public relations, endorsements for teams, and production and media! By getting a Sport Communication concentration at Asbury, you could get hands-on experience in the field, interning and working at places like NASCAR, the PGA Tour, the Cincinnati Reds, NFL Films, Cincinnati Bengals, and Tennessee Titans and more.

Career Outcomes in Communication

 With a bachelor’s in communication, students will be equipped with the credentials needed to pursue roles in a range of fields, from marketing and advertising to journalism and media. Employers in every sector, from government offices to non-profit organizations, need individuals who can uplift their mission through the thoughtful and intentional use of communication channels and tools.

The B.A. in Communication imparts the experience and skills necessary for graduates to add value to businesses and organizations in roles such as:

  • Graphic designer
  • Social media marketing specialist
  • Marketing campaign strategist
  • Content writer or copywriter
  • Public relations specialist
  • Event planner
  • Editor
  • Staff reporter/journalist

Backed by the ability to critically understand various perspectives and scenarios and communicate important information to persuade, inform or entertain an audience, communications majors will also be equipped to apply to graduate school programs. Learn how the Office of Career & Calling’s career exploration resources and services can help you find your ideal pathway.

Why Study Communication at Asbury University?

 Every job you’ll have in your career will depend on your communication skills. At Asbury, you’ll get those, plus a growing network and contact list that facilitate experience-building internships and post-graduation employment.

Flexible and Career-Focused Curriculum

Within the bachelor’s degree requirements and your chosen concentration area, Asbury’s holistic approach to education incorporates professional and industry knowledge to help you land your first job and progress throughout your career.

As a communications major, you’ll be trained to put into practice strategies that tell stories, manage a brand’s reputation and convey information effectively. You’ll also boost your soft skills in research, quantitative analysis, presentations and public speaking, written communication and collaboration. Learn about our approach to liberal arts education.

Robust Internship Opportunities

Communication majors can earn academic credit while learning on the job in an agency, firm, government office or private business. Gaining experience under the supervision of industry professionals, students in the B.A. in Communication program have benefitted from our university’s worldwide contacts to intern in settings such as:

Whether it’s launching a campaign for a product or writing and designing PR and marketing materials for a political candidate, completing an internship can further tailor your undergraduate experience to align with your interests.

More Ways to Build Your Communications Resume

On-campus events and unparalleled local and regional mission opportunities help you foster a pathway of using communications to serve the Lord and make the world a better place.

Build a strong portfolio of PR campaigns for a local business with in-class projects. Or, you could attend meetings for Asbury’s chapter of the Public Relations Society of America and participate in our student-run PR agency, creating a lifelong network while performing pro bono work for start-ups and charities.

Learn about opportunities for communications majors, including events.

Study Communications Abroad

Whether you’re interested in entertainment marketing, PR, journalism or another career path, Asbury helps you find and apply for international internships as well as offers both domestic and global opportunities to study communications.

Through travel courses and study abroad semesters, Asbury communications majors have created brand campaigns for international charitable organizations, traveled to Silicon Valley to collaborate with tech experts and entrepreneurs at Meta, Google, Patreon and Twitter and prepared for a range of extraordinary careers in far-flung settings.

Explore what’s possible in Asbury travel courses, and learn about our study abroad and cross-cultural engagement experiential learning initiatives.

Communication Degree Program Admissions and Aid

If you’re beginning to envision yourself as a communications major at Asbury, don’t hesitate to contact our admissions office and take the first step. Or, review detailed admissions requirements to learn what to expect.

Asbury believes that transformative learning should remain a sound investment in your future. Our Financial Aid office helps students access hundreds of financial aid offerings, from scholarships to grants. Learn how students manage tuition and costs through automatic GPA scholarships, work study and more.

Apply to the B.A. in Communication Degree Program at Asbury University

Whether you seek fulfilling careers in journalism, marketing, public relations or human resources, our Bachelor of Arts in Communications program is a gateway to pursue your calling. It’s a degree that knows in today’s world, you need more than just college. You need contacts, experience and a holistic array of skills.

Get started by planning a campus visit. Or, begin an application today.