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Christian Studies & Philosophy Department

Explore the foundations of the Christian faith. Probe the contributions of competing value systems. Learn to lead and prepare to serve in a vibrant community of Christian scholars.

What’s the Mission?

The Great Commission is a key factor in why you could be called to Christian Studies at Asbury. With this calling for disciple-making in mind, we want to prepare you for meaningful, spirit-filled relationships and mentoring in this diverse and ever-changing cultural climate. By studying Christian Studies & Philosophy, you grow your understanding of faith and expand your worldview pertaining to scripture, theology, and philosophy. The majors offered are designed to prepare you for service in the church, the academy, society, and throughout the world.

What can I do with Christian Studies & Philosophy?

As a Christian Studies student, you have many opportunities and avenues in academia, ministry, and educational fields. You can customize your Asbury experience and become involved with the many leadership opportunities on campus, including in a worship arts band, as a Bible study leader, chapel intern, class chaplain, or as your residence hall’s spiritual life assistant (SLA). There are also many opportunities to serve in ministry positions at local churches during the school year or in distant localities during summer breaks. Asbury Christian Studies & Philosophy graduates are prepared to serve as pastors, youth ministers, directors of Christian education, global missionaries, staff with parachurch agencies, children’s ministers, and in other types of ministry.

Our Programs

We offer programs in the following areas of study: