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Film Production Emphasis

Students with an emphasis in film production have access to an unprecedented amount of equipment and film facilities. The facilities include 50 video editing suites, an indoor back lot, and outdoor back lot, six backgrounds used in feature films at Paramount that were donated to Asbury, a 5,500 square foot sound stage, set building shop, audio production facility, and a 120 seat screening room/movie theater. The equipment includes digital film cameras and prime lenses, surround sound microphones, three camera jibs, two doorway dollies, lighting equipment, audio equipment for foley work, and a Steadicam. While studying at Asbury, students have the option of taking an internship anywhere in the world, including Los Angeles. Asbury has negotiated lower cost housing in Los Angeles to allow our students the “L.A. experience” in film.

Asbury has film classes such as Introduction to Film Aesthetics, Introduction to Directing for Film, Screenwriting Fundamentals, American Cinema, International Cinema, Film as Literature, Digital Field Production, Cinematography, Film Production, and Sound for Pictures. Two of the unique opportunities are Introduction to Directing for Film and Film Production.

  • Introduction to Directing for Film (MC 341) – A storytelling class that requires students to write a short film and then produce it. The class focuses on the storytelling in film.
  • Film Production (MC 382) – Offered in conjunction with the Theatre program, media students work as a group to produce a feature or short film in HD and then premiere it at the end of the semester.