Master of Social Work

Asbury Alumni Katie Krueger Naomi with child

An MSW Program with a Christian Perspective

The foundation for the MSW at Asbury University is our belief that all people are called to a  restored relationship of whole-hearted love for God, which will always be demonstrated socially in loving our neighbors wherever they are found, locally, nationally and globally.

Two Chances to Start

Students with a BSW can apply to begin the program in January or June. 

Students without a BSW can apply to begin in January or August.


Spring application deadline: December 12.

Summer application deadline: April 15.

Fall application deadline: July 17. 

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AS M4 2012 - 13 Evaluation Summary (.PDF)

AS M4 2013 - 14 Evaluation Summary (.PDF)

AS M4 2014 - 15 Evaluation Summary (.PDF)