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Asbury University believes that our students should be enriched by their encounters with other cultures through full immersion experiences. It is our hope to equip our students to engage other cultures and communities and advance the cause of Christ around the world. We desire to train our students to embrace global responsibility since we are not isolated people but part of a global community that is ever-changing and ever-growing.

What is Cross-Cultural Engagement?

We define a cross-cultural engagement as immersion into another culture, which involves engaging students in a variety of life-spheres, including being in community with the local people.

We desire students to be immersed in the elements by which cultures are articulated: architecture, fine arts, music, artifacts, language, foods, crafts, leisure activities, institutions, churches and eco-diversity. This engagement experience must be culturally diverse.

Students should be in a culture that is significantly different from their own. Dimensions of time and intensity should be relative; for a shorter experience, the cultural differences should be great for intensity of reflection and deep learning; for a longer experience, a smaller cultural difference should accomplish the same degree of cultural exposure.

Most experiences will expose the student to cultures outside of their own nationality, but stateside experiences are permitted and can be equally as transformative.

Where Our Students Have Been

Examples of our Students’ Activities


  • Chicago, Ill. – AU Social Work Travel Course
  • Peoria, Ariz. – WGM Native American Reservation Ministries
  • Lexington, Ky. – Kentucky Refugee Mission


  • Columbia – Sports Team Ministry
  • Brazil – 2016 Summer Olympics (Media Communication & Journalism)
  • Spain – Personal Cultural Exploration of El Camino de Santiago
  • Paris, France – AU Paris Semester
  • Germany & Poland – AU Psychology Travel Course
  • Amman, Jordan – Middle East Studies Program with Best Semesters
  • Cape Town, South Africa – Asbury Initiative Grant
  • India – Friends of the Good Samaritan Schools Volunteer
  • Xi’an-Beijing-Hong Kong, China – AU China Study Abroad
  • Hong Kong, China – ELIC Summer Engage (Teaching English)
  • South Korea – 2018 Winter Olympics

How Do I Complete My CCE?

Entering as a Freshman or New Transfer


Are you a traditional undergraduate student? Did you enroll with less than 60 transfer credits? Then you will need to complete your CCE in order to graduate. Start thinking about what abroad or stateside experience you want to use to complete your CCE.

Using a Previous Experience


Have you already been in a cross-cultural setting? Trips that happened starting the summer going into your senior year (or a year before entering AU) can count. You will still need to attend a CCE Orientation to begin the process.

Are you an international student? You can use your current U.S. experience towards your CCE requirement.

Step 1: Attend CCE Orientation


Sign up for one of the mandatory, 1.5 hour CCE Orientations. Can’t find a time that works for you? No problem, we will work with you to find a time that works.


Step 2: Begin Your Assignments on Discovery


After Orientation you will have acces to the CCE Assignment page on Discovery. Be sure to submit the required assignments (Abroad or Stateside) prior to departure.


Step 3: Go!

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Step 4: Complete Your Assignments on Discovery


Make sure to complete all of your assignments as soon as you have returned. Be sure to let us know if you have any questions or need help along the way. Make sure to submit your Abroad or Stateside assignments all on Discovery.

Step 5: Confirm with the Office of Intercultural Affairs

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Congrats, you are done! We hope your journey has been a transformative one! Make sure to confirm with the Office of Intercultural Affairs that you have completed your CCE.


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Remember: Let us know before you go!

Questions? Concerns? Confused?

Office located in Reasoner: Room 208 & 210
Office email: