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Asbury University Honors Program

Studies in Virtue and Human Value

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The Asbury University Honors Program invites students to join a community of scholars engaged in a themed enrichment experience which gives particular focus to the concept of human value and dignity, and the virtuous life. This intellectual and moral exploration is anchored within the rich perspective of historic, orthodox Christianity.

Application is by invitation only. The deadline to apply is the first Friday of January (after AU offices reopen) of the year before you plan to enter Asbury. Please note, completion of the Honors Program requires at least 6 semesters of study.

The Asbury University Honors Program allows the student to pursue the spiritual, moral, social, and ethical dimensions of the human experience; to explore human problem solving, ethical dilemmas, identity, and self, and to relate these human questions to the areas of work, career, family, and society.

  • Enhanced academic framework
  • Yearly tuition scholarships
  • Travel stipend for study abroad experience
  • Special access to colloquium speakers
  • Support for culminating research project or generation of creative product
  • Honors Transcript

Honors Program students are offered enhanced learning opportunities inside and outside of the classroom without adding additional curricular requirements to the students’ course of study. Students will experience themed core curriculum classes, special access to noteworthy colloquium speakers, course upgrades within their major, and opportunities to service the campus and community. Additionally, the students will receive support for either a research project experience or the generation of a creative product, as well as financial support for a travel abroad experience.

Asbury University’s living and learning community is an ideal setting for an integrative, rigorous, curricular experience reflecting the width and depth of studies and programs exploring the origin and implications of human value. The program will aspire to comprehend more fully and accurately the Imago Dei and to educate students in light of this truth so that they may live virtuous lives and serve others more abundantly.

Honors Program students will be widely representative of the campus body and will be free to pursue any area of study as their major. Furthermore, the students can be involved in extracurricular programs such as athletics, musical ensembles, as well as other campus clubs and organizations.

Honors Program Theme: Studies in Virtue and Human Value

Honors Program Vision Statement

Guiding questions for this themed enrichment experience through Asbury University Honors Program include:

  • What does it mean to live the good life?
  • What gives people value?
  • What are the implications of finding value in ourselves and others?

Asbury’s Honors Program will facilitate this understanding through a variety of mechanisms including:

  1. A first-semester orientation experience
  2. A series of carefully designed core courses, some team-taught and cross disciplinary
  3. Course upgrades within a student’s major
  4. Resourcing and mentoring from invested faculty for either an undergraduate research project or the generation of a creative product
  5. Resourcing to support an enriching academic travel-abroad experience
  6. Frequent interaction with noteworthy cultural/academic voices through a colloquium series
  7. Service experiences in support of on-campus academic programs as well as off-campus ministry initiatives and community support organizations

Honors program student applications are by invitation only. Scholarships are available.

For more information, contact your admissions counselor or email the Asbury Honors Program director at