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Master of Fine Arts: Screenwriting

Everyone loves a good story. As humans, we storify everything around us: our adventures, sorrows, conflicts, dreams, and failures. Without a solid and compelling story, even the most powerful production elements can become ineffective spectacles that lack audience engagement. When these production elements are used skillfully, they enhance and elevate the story to fully engage and inspire your audience.

The M.F.A. in Screenwriting helps you become a versatile and marketable writer who can create stories that are compelling, mesmerizing, and memorable. You’ll learn the fundamental principles of storytelling and discover how to expertly translate them in practice. Classes include writing comedy episodes, one-hour dramas, feature film screenwriting, and reading Hollywood’s greatest scripts in order to fine tune your own storytelling methods. You’ll also work closely with top faculty and expert writers in the industry as you hone your craft. Students in this program have access to unique opportunities that can help build an outstanding portfolio, like the original narrative film or television production that Asbury’s media communication department creates every summer.

We acknowledge that faith plays a vital role in your career and calling. What does it mean to be a Christian in film school? How will my M.F.A. program encourage me spiritually and inspire me creatively? What does my faith mean for my work in the industry? Asbury’s screenwriting program will weave these aspects into its curriculum, stretching your mind and creative philosophies. You’ll be challenged to think critically about how your faith intersects with your art, pushing you to grow not only as an artist but also as a follower of Christ.

Asbury’s screenwriting master’s degree is almost completely online, and regardless of how much screenwriting experience you have, our professors will help you perfect your existing skills and learn new ones that you’ll need to succeed in the industry. When you graduate from the program, you’ll have a comprehensive understanding of the storytelling process, a thorough grounding in writing mechanics and media ethics, the ability to conduct research to shape and support your stories, and what it means to be a Christian in the screenwriting industry. In short, you’ll have the ability to make a strong impact as a screenwriter, a director, a teacher of film and television production, or any other role in the narrative film and television industry.

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MFA in Screenwriting

"Asbury's media department offers hands-on experience, which has taught me how to learn and adapt quickly. The professors have served as mentors to me, and I have enjoyed the small class sizes, which allow for personalized instruction. I have gotten so many opportunities here, and I am excited to continue working full-time in freelance media creation."

Ali Stiefel ’23
MFA in Screenwriting