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Master of Science in Accounting

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What is Accounting?

Accounting is the use of analytical skills and system analysis in evaluating and recording financial transactions. In the business world, accounting centers around summarizing financial reports using deductive reasoning, practicing your problem solving skills and paying attention to details as you think critically.  


What can you do with an Accounting degree?

From the corporate world to the nonprofit realm, organizations need accountants equipped to steward financial resources with a solid foundation to be competent businesspeople. Accounting allows you to develop skills such as leadership and strategic-thinking which are very valuable in the world of business and finance. These skills allow you to guide organizations in their financial decision-making and encourage growth. With an online Master’s in Accounting, you could take your career to the next level with supportive professors with industry experience.


Why study Master of Science in Accounting at Asbury?

Continue your pathway to become a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) in Kentucky with Asbury’s innovative online Master’s in Accounting program. Through our M.S. in Accounting,, you can cultivate your ability to think critically and perform at a higher level. We prioritize students and invite curious learners from all over the world to join a collaborative community that is dedicated to servant-minded leaders who inspire others. 

Asbury’s community sets you up for success through knowledgeable professors who work in the accounting industry and can help you prepare for the CPA exam, as well as peers that encourage you both in and out of the virtual classroom. This Christ-centered M.S. in Accounting provides an education that emphasizes collaboration, critical and innovative thinking, as well as cultivating integrity and character.

Students will be able to demonstrate accounting competency through skills that reflect organizational proficiency and strategic decision making forged from an ethically-minded and spiritually-grounded perspective. This program can be customized to fit your unique journey, both professionally and spiritually, and our experienced faculty are always here to shepherd you toward success.

With 100% online classes held in 8-week blocks, courses are designed to accommodate the needs and professional responsibilities of adults seeking to advance their careers. You can complete your degree in as little as 18 months or design a slower-paced plan that better suits your schedule. For more details, contact us directly.

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Master of Science in Accounting