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Master of Arts: Digital Storytelling

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As human beings, we storify everything around us: our adventures, sorrows, conflicts, dreams and failures. Without a solid and compelling story, even the best-designed messages struggle to engage their audiences. As a media professional, you have the ability to influence, inspire, inform and move your audiences. If you love storytelling and want to create compelling stories for digital platforms, the M.A. in Digital Storytelling is for you. 

Today’s digital storytellers and marketing professionals must be able to create engaging stories that leverage the ever-growing resources of digital technology. The old distinctions between media sectors are rapidly disappearing in today’s online world. Effective digital storytelling and marketing now requires a mastery of social media, writing, and video production and other aspects of convergent media. Through Asbury University’s digital storytelling program, you’ll learn how to use these technologies, how to create and package stories that will captivate your audiences and how to support your work with solid research and analytics.

This program is designed to help you master a wide range of media skills, from content writing to social media management to video production. Our program is almost completely online which allows our professors to help you perfect your existing skills and learn new skills that will help you succeed in the rapidly-changing job market. 

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Master of Arts in Digital Storytelling