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Student Accounts FAQs

▾ Where do I find my Student Account Number?

You will find the six digit Student Account number on the ID card issued by the Information & Technology Helpdesk. The number is also available on the homepage of your student portal, on the PDF version of the Term Billing Summary and on your Monthly Statement.

▾ Are there ATM's on campus?

Yes. For your convenience, an ATM is available inside the Student Center.

▾ What happens if I fail to make payment arrangements for my Student Account?

Students who are not enrolled in a TRANSACT (formerly CASHNet) Installment Payment Plan should make Payment in Full to Asbury University by the first day of class for the semester. If payment is not received, the account may be assessed a $20 late payment fee; in addition, a 1% service charge may be assessed on the past due amount. Registration holds are placed on accounts that are not current, preventing students from registering for future semesters. Asbury will not release academic transcripts, diplomas, or teaching certificates for students having past due accounts. If your account remains outstanding after your departure from Asbury, it may be referred to a collection agency and reported to the credit bureau.

▾ How do I provide authorization for your office to discuss information regarding my account with my parent(s)/guardian(s)?

According to the Family Education and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA), financial affairs staff cannot disclose information about a student’s account to anyone other than the student, including parents, without proper authorization on file. Student’s that desire to authorize approved contacts, will need to complete the Privacy Act Notice.

▾ Why do I still have a balance due after receiving a refund?

Bookstore vouchers, parking tickets, library fines, and other fees may be applied to the account after a refund has been issued, resulting in a balance owed.

▾ Why is a Health Insurance Charge on my account?

Traditional Undergraduate Students not already covered under their own or their parents' insurance are required to enroll in the plan endorsed by Asbury University. To ensure that every student has coverage, we have included Health Insurance Registration in the Financial Registration process. All students must either a) register a personal or family plan or b) select Asbury’s Insurance coverage. Student’s who fail to register their individual coverage will be automatically enrolled in Asbury’s policy and assessed a fee.

▾ Why are there service charges on my account?

Students are given specific time frames to address parking fines, library fines, clinic charges, etc. When students do not pay their charges with the respective departments, the charges are forwarded to the Student Accounts Office. Student Accounts posts these charges to the account and charges a $5 service charge per departmental charge.

▾ Where do I mail Scholarship checks?

Scholarship Checks, including Church Match Application/Payments, should be directed to the Financial Aid Office.

Asbury University
Attn: Financial Aid
One Macklem Dr.
Wilmore, KY 40390

▾ If I withdraw from a course after the drop/add period, will I receive a tuition refund?

No. Course withdrawals will not result in a tuition credit/refund. Only University Withdrawals are subject to a tuition refund schedule.

▾ If I decide to withdraw from the University, can I assume that the University will cancel my classes and remove charges from my account?

To assure that your registration has been cancelled and that you are officially withdrawn from the University, you must contact the Registrar. If you withdraw after classes have begun, you could be charged for a portion of the tuition for that semester.

▾ Why are my charges and Financial Aid pending?

Students have until Friday, of the first week of class, to make changes to their account. Once all charges have been verified, they are posted to the student's account.

▾ What are Eagle Bucks?

Eagle Bucks are equivalent to cash on the student's ID card. They can be used in the Eagle Outlet, and for food only purchases in the Bistro, Hiccup Coffee Shop and the coffee cart in the Library.