• Visitors and Overnight Guests: All visitors and overnight guests in the residence halls must register with the Community Life staff in the building of residence and are limited to a 3-day stay without special permission. Overnight guests and visitors must observe the gender requirements for residence in particular facilities. In addition, overnight guests must fall into the following categories:
    • High school students or other guests participating in official campus visits must be registered with the Admissions Office.
    • Other visitors over age 18 (friends, parents) must be registered with the Community Life staff in the building of residence.
    • Other visitors under age 18 (siblings, friends, others) are not permitted to be overnight guests without a parent present unless they provide express written consent of their parent or legal guardian.
  • Responsibility for Guests: Resident students are responsible for the actions of their guests and are responsible to assure that proper procedures are followed. The host or hostess is responsible for any charges incurred by his/her guest.