Ethnic Student Groups

International, third-culture, African-American, Asian-American/Pacific-Islander, American-Indian/Alaskan-Native, and Latina/o-American students all provide a richness of culture that is integral to the University. With an institutional commitment to be inclusive and embrace all people, the Office of Intercultural Programs sponsors and advises ethnic student organizations and provides individual support for international, third-culture, and U.S. ethnic students.

International, third-culture, and U.S. ethnic students can find support and opportunities for social interaction through one of five student organizations sponsored by the office:

  • Alpha Sigma Alpha (Asian-American Student Alliance)
  • Beta Sigma Alpha (Black-American Student Alliance)
  • Iota Sigma Alpha (International Student Alliance)
  • Lambda Sigma Alpha (Latina/o-American Student Alliance)
  • MuKappa (Third-Culture Student Alliance).