Leadership Opportunities for Students - Media & Journalism

WACW - campus radio station
WACW is managed and operated by students in a variety of leadership positions. Scholarship positions include:

Station Manager
Program Director
Production Manager
Sales Director
Promotions Director
Music Director
Sports Director
News Director
Remote Director

Contact: Doug Walker, Advisor, ext. 2336


The Collegian - campus newspaper
Editors are chosen each spring by a student-faculty committee through a competitive application and interview process, and serve the following school year. Positions are open to any student, regardless of major, though prior experience, particularly leadership, in publications can enhance a student's application. Scholarship positions include:
Executive Editor
Managing Editor
Photo Editor
Assistant Photo Editor
News Editor
Opinion Editor
Features Editor
Sports Editor
Web Editor
Web Technician
Page Designer (2 positions)
Copy Editor (2 positions)
For students seeking experience with the business side of publications, the Collegian annually selects a scholarship-funded Business Manager and an Advertising Manager. Advertising Managers receive a commission on sales of display advertising to area businesses and national corporations. Staff writers and photographers also used.

Contact: Greg Bandy, Advisor, ext. 2397


The Asburian - campus yearbook

Students involved in leadership positions with the yearbook are responsible for writing, photography, design, editing and publication. Positions that receive scholarships include:
Managing Editor
Business Manager
and Photo Editor 2 positions)
Other support positions include various section editors, copy editors, staff writers and photographers. Students need not be journalism majors to be involved.

Contact: Dr. Chuck Gobin, Advisor, ext. 2191


The Asbury Review - campus literary magazine

The Asbury Review is published once per semester, and also sponsors readings and workshops. Primary leadership for the Asbury Review is in two positions titled Co-Editor-in-Chief. Various editorial and art editor positions are also available.

Contact: Marcia Hurlow, Advisor, ext. 2189

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