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Your Asbury University years will be some of the most important experiences of your life. It is a formative time when knowledge and Truth begin to take on deeper meaning and it is a time that lays the foundation for your vocational future.  Because we understand the importance of faith informing learning, we approach Christian higher education with a sense of privilege, purpose and calling.  This Bulletin introduces you to the broad range of intellectually challenging and potentially transformative academic and communal experiences offered at Asbury University. 

This is a community of faith and learning.  Beyond facilitating the pursuit of information and knowledge or even your academic success, Asbury is committed to equipping you to think critically, creatively and Christianly, and to embrace fully the unfolding plan of God for your life and vocation. 

As to the future, God calls us all to move forward.  Life in His hands has forward movement and He is continually calling His people to both serve the present age and prepare for the ages to come.  Therefore, Asbury provides the opportunity for you to gain information and skills needed to function productively in our complex and changing world, as well as those qualities of Christ-like character that will prepare you for a lifetime of leadership and service.

Education at Asbury is Christ-centered, for He is “before all things and in Him all things hold together” (Colossians 1:17).  We invite you to join us in exploring new horizons of thought and experience emerging out of our central allegiance to the lordship of Christ and the trust of His Word.

Sandra C. Gray, President, Asbury University


2015-16 BULLETIN  07/28/2015