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Conferences & Camps

Asbury's beautiful campus and facilities offer an ideal venue for camps, conferences and events.

Education happens year-round at Asbury!

Asbury’s mission and goals are expanded through partnerships with faith-based and educational organizations. This summer we welcome these groups to our campus:

Students playing soccerMay-June – Sports Camps

Sports Camps

Basketball Youth Camp: June 4-7
Men’s Socccer Team Camp: June 6-9
Basketball Day Camp: June 11-13
Women’s Soccer Team Camp: June 18-20
Volleyball Camp: July 15-18
Volleyball Day Camp: July 19-21

people in a canoe on a riverMay-August – Adventure Camps

Adventure Camps

High School Rock Climbing Camp: May 29-31
Middle School Climbing Gym Day Camp: June 19-21
High School Overnight Canoe Camp: July 31-August 2

June 4-8 & 11-15 – ImpactU

June 11-15 – Association of Christian Librarians

June 11-15 – Generate Camp

June 20-23 – Asbury University Reunion


June 25-29 – Kingdom Breakout

July 16-20, July 23-27 – LEGO Robotics Camp

LEGO Robotics Camp

Asbury offers superb recreational facilities including a three-court gym, Olympic size swimming pool, and outdoor playing fields and courts.

Our classrooms and residence halls are air-conditioned with both dormitory-style and suite-style rooms available.

We offer full-service cafeteria dining for meals, with coffee break and banquet service options available.

Contact Jeanette Davis, (859) 858-3511 x2176

Interested in having Asbury host your conference or camp? Fill out the Summer Conference Reservation Request form.