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Spiritual Vitality

From Chapel three times each week to Christ-centered residence life, Asbury nurtures a spiritually vital community. 

Asbury University stands in the Wesleyan theological tradition—believing that an act of God’s grace upon which one receives the offer of salvation through the sacrificial life of Jesus Christ can indeed transform a human heart in such a way that through His mercy they can experience holiness of life, have a heart that exhibits His love, and become an agent of His grace for the advancement of God’s Kingdom here on earth.

From her onset, Asbury’s legacy was to reach out to a population of people who might not have the opportunity to attend college. The intention was to provide a rigorous education as well as to engage the students’ hearts for God. In the early 20th century, Asbury was viewed along with schools like Princeton and Harvard as one of the most cosmopolitan colleges in America, meaning that students were coming from all across the United States and from around the world. This diversity in the student population was strongly influenced by Henry Clay Morrison’s preaching throughout the United States and the wide reach of the Asbury publication “The Pentecostal Herald.” Today, with the connectivity of online graduate and degree-completion programs, Asbury once again has the opportunity to reach a wide range of students from literally all over the globe. John Wesley’s famous motto was “the world is my parish.” In this present age, Asbury University’s motto can truly be “the connected world is our parish.”

Academic excellence and spiritual vitality is the mission of Asbury University. An important aspect of spiritual vitality is the experience of community. Traditional undergraduate students experience community every day on campus, and graduate and online students have opportunities for spiritual growth through strategies and initiatives that meet the needs of a geographically-dispersed, non-traditional student population. Asbury is committed to engaging students with Christ’s message of love and salvation, and equipping them with knowledge and skills for making personal growth, servant leadership, and holiness lifelong pursuits.