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Meet the Classes

Class identity is a cherished Asbury tradition. Meet our current classes!

Class identity is an integral part of the Asbury undergraduate experience. Dating back to the 1930s, this tradition has created a strong identification among Asbury’s students during their time on campus as well as after graduation.

As early as 1915, if not before, classes were electing officers and choosing a motto, colors and even a class flower. By the early 1930s, the classes had started choosing names for their athletic teams – one name for all the teams representing a particular class. The class voted on the name and colors at a class meeting early in the freshman year.

Today, class identity has been ingrained deeply into the Asbury experience. Two senior students (male and female) are elected by their own class to serve as class sponsors for the entire academic year. The sponsors then recruit faculty or staff advisors for the new freshmen. After this, they choose a name, class colors, and verse that will become a part of that class’s identity for their entire time at Asbury and beyond.

During the class’s first semester, they also choose a hymn. It is tradition that when a class hymn is sung in Chapel, that class stands and sings the first verse as a class. The rest of the student body then joins them for the rest of the hymn. These traditions carry over to class reunions, which are held at five-year intervals.

When you walk on campus as a freshman, you will have your very own class identity. We’ll even let you in on your name, logo and verse before you get to campus!