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Hear Dr. Kevin Brown, President of Asbury University explain how Asbury is not just an education; it is your story of becoming.

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The world out there is vast and limitless, but so is your curiosity. The kind of curiosity that is brave enough to venture out and keep learning, exploring, seeking, and experiencing. The world also needs your professionalism coupled with Christlike character and wisdom. At Asbury, we empower you to achieve academic excellence and spiritual vitality while equipping you to reach your fullest God-given potential.

That is why everything we do, everything we teach, and everything we believe is oriented to unleashing adventurous faith. Here, at our Christian liberal arts campus in Central Kentucky, academic excellence and spiritual vitality embolden and empower you to reach your fullest God-given potential.

Asbury’s MBA program is designed to provide a rigorous educational experience that develops students academically, and equally prepares them to engage today’s complex global marketplace in a faithful way. The MBA Management Pathway intentionally prepares students for corporate settings, small business and entrepreneurial endeavors. Our experienced faculty guide students through high-level core business principles and teach them how to apply the skills with innovative thinking, real world application, and a global perspective.

Master's in Business Administration


As a student in Asbury University’s graduate communication program, you’ll learn from our highly experienced, award-winning faculty—including experts in screenwriting, cinematography, producing, directing, production design, and social media. Our faculty members have extensive professional experience on productions ranging from VeggieTales to Ghostbusters. You’ll learn how to use the latest technology, but more importantly, you’ll master the principles of storytelling that turn good productions into great ones.

Graduate Programs in Communication


Asbury University offers programs designed for those seeking initial certification, certified teachers seeking additional certification or rank change, and teachers who would like to pursue a position in school leadership.

MA programs are for certified teachers seeking to further their education. Each program can also be provided as a certification-only Rank I program. MAT programs are for students who hold a bachelor’s degree and would like to receive initial teaching certification. Certified teachers who hold a master’s degree and have accrued at least three years of professional teaching experience are eligible for educational leadership programs.

Graduate Education Programs

The Undergrad + 1 MBA degree from Asbury is designed to give you the opportunity to obtain advanced standing in the MBA program, no matter what you are currently studying. Upon graduation from AU undergrad, students with MBA advanced standing can earn an MBA degree in as few as twelve additional months.

Asbury’s MA in Digital Storytelling program is designed to help you master a wide range of media skills, from content writing to social media management to video production. Our program is almost completely online, so you can participate no matter where you live. In fact, we currently have students from 20 states and four countries. If you want to have the close-to-campus experience, though, you can! About 25 percent of our students live in or around the Wilmore area.

Asbury +1 MBA Program MA in Digital Storytelling

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