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Asbury Academy Dual Credit & Enrollment

Complete high school while earning college credit at Asbury.

Make Asbury a part of your High School Journey!

Asbury Academy is a dual enrollment program for high school juniors and seniors. This program provides general education requirement opportunities at the University level (100- and 200-level courses), enabling students to simultaneously complete high school and earn University credit through dual enrollment.

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Now accepting applications for Fall 2024

Course Schedules  

Upcoming Important Academy Dates

April 10, 2024 Class registration begins (current students)
July 1, 2024 Class registration begins (new students)
August 1, 2024 Fall application deadline
August 22, 2024
August 26, 2024 First day of classes

On-Campus Classes

Enrollment in the Academy allows high school seniors who are homeschooled or live locally to take three (3) credit hours on campus during the fall and spring semesters (summer session not included) with no tuition charge. If the course has a required lab, an extra credit will be given to cover tuition for the lab as well. Seniors may also take additional classes (up to 15 credit hours) during each of these two semesters at a reduced tuition rate of $93* per credit hour. Juniors can also take classes on campus; the tuition fee is $93* per credit hour. On-campus Academy students can choose to register from over 100 classes.

Online Classes

Asbury Academy also offers courses online. These classes are offered in an intensive format – each course is only 8 weeks long, requiring a high level of academic discipline and motivation on the part of the student. Due to the concentrated nature of these classes, a student may only be enrolled in one course at a time. Asbury’s semesters are 16 weeks; a student interested in taking more than one online course may do so with consecutive classes.

Online courses cost $93* per credit hour. The Senior waiver is for on-campus classes only and cannot be used for online classes.

*Dual credit tuition rate is set by the state and is subject to change at any time.

Kentucky Dual Credit Scholarship Program

Asbury University participates in the Kentucky Dual Credit Scholarship Program. High School Juniors and Seniors living in Kentucky may use this scholarship for on-campus and online classes. For more information regarding this scholarship please visit the following link:

Asbury Academy Admission Requirements

The following items are required for admission to the Asbury Academy. Applications and other required information should be submitted to the Asbury University Admissions Office.

  1. A completed Asbury Academy application

    You will be required to provide contact information for an academic reference (not a family member) and a parent/guardian who can give permission for you to take part in Asbury Academy classes. Please be aware that email addresses are required for both, as the forms are online and will be emailed to the appropriate people once you have submitted the application.

    Please Note: Students who complete the application process early are more likely to enroll in the class of their choice. If you wait to apply until the deadline, your course options will be very limited. Aim to apply by the date listed above that class registration begins for the semester you want to start studying at Asbury.

  2. An official high school transcript showing a weighted cumulative grade point average of 3.00 or higher for high school seniors and a 3.25 or higher for high school juniors.
    • Homeschool transcripts may be emailed and are considered official.
    • Unofficial transcripts may be used to admit students. However, the Registrar’s office will not schedule students until we have an official transcript on file.
  3. High School GPA is used for Math and English class placements:
    • ENG 110 College Writing II – High School GPA of 3.26-3.99
    • ENG 151 Advanced College Writing – High School GPA of 4.0 or higher
    • MAT 120 Viewing Life Mathematically – High School GPA of 3.1 or higher
  4. An Academic Recommendation letter from a non-relative, such as a high school counselor or other adult who can address your readiness for college level academics.
  5. Written permission from a parent or guardian to enroll in the program.

Apply Online

Now accepting applications for Fall 2024

Academy Contact Information

For questions regarding the Academy application process, please contact Ralph Clark, Academy Admissions Coordinator, at, 859.753.1186 or 859.858.3511 x2533.