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Respecting the Rights of Others

As a collaborating and caring community, members are challenged to think of others as more important than themselves. The practical demonstration of mutual respect is most evident in the residence hall setting. The following guidelines are representative of the greater principle of treating others as you would like them to treat you.

  • Excessive Noise: Is not appropriate at any time. A student misusing any sound equipment will be asked to remove the equipment from the residence. Computers and printers should be used with discretion and regard for others.
  • Musical Instruments: May be played quietly in the residence rooms until 11 p.m. Instruments which do not lend themselves to subdued tones may be played only in the practice rooms in the Fine Arts Building.
  • Televisions: Are located in lounge areas within residence halls. However, students may operate television sets in their rooms if they choose to do so. Cable service is provided in each room at no charge to the student. Students may utilize devices and services to view movies in their room provided the movies viewed conform to the “Media-Related Entertainment” guidelines described in the Lifestyle Standards section of the Handbook for Community Life. While students have more options off-campus, residents are encouraged to demonstrate greater restraint while on campus out of respect for others and community values.

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