Residence Hall Hours – Asbury University
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Gathering together at the end of each day enhances the sense of community as well as promotes accountability and a healthy balance between social activity, study and rest. Learning how to communicate responsibly is another principle that our community hours policy hopes to instill in the lives of students on campus. Students will be expected to follow the appropriate sign-in and sign-out procedures, along with calling or texting (when needed) the appropriate Community Life staff regarding community hours.

  • Community Hours: Students who live on campus will return to their residence hall by the published community hour. Resident students shall be in their residence complexes by midnight Saturday through Thursday evenings and by 1 a.m. Friday night/Saturday morning. For security and safety reasons, the residences are locked at these times each day.
  • Extensions: Resident students may request an extension to curfew from their RD/ARD and must follow the permission/sign-out procedure prescribed by the RD. Resident students who have extensions may enter their residence complex by utilizing their student ID in the entry system at each front door. Guests and students without IDs should go to the switchboard and have security grant access to the residence complex. An extension is 1 hour and will be granted on the basis of seniority as follows:
    • Freshmen: 1 extension per week
    • Sophomores: 3 extensions per week
    • Juniors: 4 extensions per week
    • Seniors: 5 extensions per week
  • Lost ID: Loss of ID should be reported to the RD and/or the Help Desk immediately. ID replacement cost is $11.
  • Exiting Through Alarmed Doors: Resident students may not exit their residence complex after doors have been alarmed without permission from the RD. Violations, which cause the door alarm systems to activate, will result in a $50 fine.
  • Signing Out: Resident students must sign out with the Resident Director whenever they plan to be away from campus overnight.

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