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Cleanliness, Orderliness & Safety

  • Candles: State fire and safety regulations prohibit the burning of candles or incense in a resident’s room. No flammable liquids (e.g., camping fuel, propane, etc.) may be stored or kept in a resident’s room. Violations result in a $100 fine. Wax warmers that utilize a light bulb to heat the wax are permitted.
  • Cleanliness: Rooms are to be kept clean and orderly. Rooms not meeting a standard of cleanliness will result in a warning which, if not resolved promptly, will result in a $25 fine. Subsequent inspections will carry a $25 fine for unclean and/or disorderly rooms.
  • Cooking: State health and fire regulations prohibit cooking in a resident’s room. Cooking appliances with exposed heating elements are permitted in designated areas only. All food kept in residence rooms should be stored in airtight containers.
  • Door Alarms: Door alarms and a card swipe system provide security for resident students. Misuse or tampering with this equipment is considered very serious and a threat to the safety and security of fellow students. Exterior doors are not to be propped open nor windows left open which create a breach of security. Students are not to enter/exit residence halls through windows or fire escapes. Students violating these policies are subject to a $50 fine.
  • Extension Cords: Excessive extension cords cannot be permitted. Self-contained multiple outlet units with built-in breakers are required.
  • Fire Drills: Are held in the residence halls at regular intervals. The RD/RA will give specific instructions concerning fire procedures and the use of fire equipment. During a fire or fire drill, students are to leave the residence halls by way of marked exits. Failure to leave the building during a fire drill results in a $100 fine.
  • Fire Safety: Fire alarms, fire extinguishers, smoke detectors and other safety equipment are maintained in the residence halls. Misusing or tampering with fire alarms results in a $250 fine. Misuse of fire extinguishers results in a $250 fine plus restoration fee.
  • Fireworks: The possession or use of fireworks is not permitted on campus. Violations will result in a $50 fine.
  • Pets: State health regulations prohibit the keeping of pets in a resident’s room. The exception is aquarium fish. Violations result in the removal of the animal and a $50 fine.
  • Refrigerators and Microwaves: Students may have personal refrigerators (one per room) with a maximum size of 4.0 cubic feet not to exceed 2.0 amps and/or 220 watts. Students may not operate microwave ovens in the resident rooms.
  • Roof Access: Students are not permitted to be on the roof of any building. Violations result in a fine of $50. The exception to this is the use of Kresge sun deck by its residents.
  • Weapons: For reasons of safety, weapons are not permitted in residence halls. Weapons include but are not limited to firearms of any kind, fireworks/explosives, crossbows, and knives with blades more than 3.5 inches.
  • Windows: Screens should be kept on the windows at all times. Objects are not to be thrown from windows of the residence hall rooms or hallways. Violations result in a $50 fine.

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