Handbook for Residence Life – Asbury University
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Handbook for Residence Life

Welcome to Asbury University! We believe that residential living is one of the most important educational experiences you encounter as a college student. Our prayer for you is that you will grow in every aspect of your development as you interact within your living area. Have a great year!


Asbury University is committed to being a residential community. Therefore, residence at Asbury University is more than housing. It is an integral part of the community experience. The University considers the residence hall to be the students’ home during their stay at the University. Thus, the residence life program strives to provide an atmosphere of belonging and fellowship with other members of the community, as well as the privacy basic to human well-being. The University residence life program provides a variety of facilities and competent personnel to assist the student in intellectual, moral, emotional, spiritual, relational and physical development. The residences are administered by the Vice President for Student Life, the Associate Dean for Community Life, the Resident Directors (RD), the Assistant Resident Directors (ARD) and Resident Assistants (RA). Regulating policies are established with consideration for the time, privacy and personal interests of the residents.