Community Life Handbook: A Holistic Community – Asbury University
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A Holistic Community

A holistic community supports the growth of the whole person: mind, body and soul. We seek to find a balance of rest and work in our lives as part of our faith practice. We seek to grow a healthy body and mind by eating nutritious food, exercising appropriately and getting adequate sleep.


We recognize that “keeping the sabbath” is a God-honoring way of giving us space for re-creation and leisure. Students are strongly encouraged to set apart the Sabbath Day (usually Sunday) for worship at a local church and deliberate rhythms of rest.

Alcohol, Tobacco & Drugs

We all play a role in creating a community that is safe and healthy for students and creates the best environment for academic, spiritual and relational endeavors. Therefore, we do not permit the use of any alcohol, tobacco, tobacco products, vaping, illegal drugs, or the misuse of any prescription drug. This prohibition includes the use or possession of any banned substance on or off campus.


We define our core identity as being made in the Image of God. Other identities such as national, ethnic, vocational, relational, sexual or any other group does not characterize our core identity. Because our community and theological ethos shape our understanding of gender, we recognize biological sex at birth.


Students should not engage in activities that pose a threat to their own safety or the safety of others, or that create unsafe environments.


For reasons of safety, weapons are not permitted on campus or at University-related off-campus events without prior permission of the Assistant Vice President of Student Life. Weapons include but are not limited to firearms of any kind, fireworks/explosives, crossbows and knives with dangerous blades.

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