Community Life Handbook: Medical or Emotional Health Withdrawals – Asbury University
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Medical or Emotional Health Withdrawals

Asbury University cares deeply about the physical and emotional health of its students. Therefore, health and counseling services are available on campus. At times, however, a student may experience such extreme medical and/or psychological conditions that the ability to function successfully or safely in the role of a student is significantly impaired. Students are encouraged to prioritize their health and safety and take steps toward recovery, even if academic progress may be delayed. The University will support student-initiated self-care plans and/or initiate actions that consider the welfare of the individual student and the University community, which could include a medical or emotional health withdrawal. Students who withdraw from the University are generally expected to vacate University housing within 24 hours. Exceptions must be approved by the Assistant Vice President of Student Life.

When a student voluntarily or involuntarily withdraws for medical and/or emotional health reasons, the University reserves the right to request professional medical or emotional health information in determining readiness to return. Readmittance policies and procedures would apply and are available in the Admissions Office. Forms and policies for determining medical or emotional health readiness to return are available in the Office of Student Life or Center for Counseling.

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