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Complaint Policy

The Asbury University Student Complaint Policy (SCP) is available to students who request to have a concern resolved about a person or process of the University community not covered by existing policies, such as the grading policy, residency policy, student code of conduct policy, sexual misconduct policy, etc. The objective of the SCP is to resolve concerns as quickly and efficiently as possible at the level closest to the student.

Informal Resolution

Occasionally, a student will encounter a problem on campus that he or she does not know how to resolve. When this happens, the student should always try to work out the problem by first discussing it with those most appropriately involved with the issue, whether it is faculty or staff member or another student. Dealing with concerns in the most direct and honest fashion should always be the first step toward resolution. Based on the Matthew 18 principle encouraging believers to first go to each other and work out an issue, it is the hope that most issues and complaints could be amicably resolved through a process of discussion and negotiation.

Informal Complaint Process

If a complainant(s) is not willing or able to address the issue with the other party involved and would like to have assistance resolving a complaint while remaining anonymous, student voices and concerns may be represented anonymously through the Assistant Vice President or Vice President of Student Life to other departments on campus. The student voice or concern will be represented and if there is a resolution/response, it will be shared with the student.

Formal Complaint Process

If the complainant is not satisfied or not willing/able to address the issue with the other party, a formal process may be initiated. All formal complaints must be in writing. Students may use the official Asbury University Student Complaint Form, send an email to, or submit a written document to the Office of Student Life. Complaints should be filed during the semester of occurrence but no later than 30 days after the end of the semester. Process and procedures for the complaint resolution are available in the Office of Student Life.

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