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Foundational Principles of Community Life

The concept of community at Asbury University is built on ten foundational principles that we believe are essential not only during your years at Asbury, but throughout the rest of life. These may not be the only principles upon which a community can be founded, but we have found them to be effective in promoting a unique partnership of faith, living and learning.

These principles are important to all we do at the University whether you are a student, administrator, faculty or staff. We have found that “fit” within the community is critical to a student’s development, and appreciating and being committed to what these principles represent is essential. We enthusiastically welcome students who may struggle with one or more of the principles, but being willing to support and uphold what the community stands for is imperative. The following ten foundational principles govern our community:

  • Asbury University is committed to following Biblical mandates for living. The Bible is our ultimate authority, providing the essential teachings and principles for personal and community living. By following Biblical mandates for living, an individual may discover a life of holiness in relation to God and others.
  • Asbury University promotes a radical commitment to Jesus Christ as both Savior and Lord. We believe that Jesus Christ desires a personal relationship with every individual and invites us to die to selfish ambitions that we might live for Him through the power of the Holy Spirit. This personal relationship is fostered by individuals who open themselves to God by practicing various spiritual disciplines such as prayer, Bible study, fasting, discipleship, accountability, fellowship with believers, witnessing to God’s grace in their lives, and individual and corporate worship. This radical, but directed, abandon leads to an extraordinary life which brings glory and delight to Jesus Christ and grace as well as the fruit of God’s Spirit to the believer.
  • Asbury University encourages balanced living. God has created us as multifaceted individuals. Our community seeks to influence the whole person by advocating a life which exemplifies a healthy approach to the spiritual, rational, social, emotional and physical aspects of the human existence.
  • Asbury University is a community characterized by integrity. In contrast to a world often characterized by selfish compromise, the University community is characterized by honesty, faithfulness, loyalty and mutual respect. Integrity is both knowing the right thing to do and doing it regardless of the circumstances, which builds character and moral excellence.
  • Asbury University is a learning community. Academic endeavors are critical components of a larger educational preparation of the whole person. As a learner, pursuing both knowledge and the application of knowledge are important. Complementary to the classroom learning, Asbury University promotes learning which occurs outside of the classroom as a byproduct of living in community with other learners.
  • Asbury University is a respectful and inclusive community. The transforming work of God in the lives of individuals is reflected in respect for all members of the community, including oneself, as well as the property of others. Asbury University seeks to foster respect, acceptance and support for differences of gender, race, color, national origin, culture, age, mental and physical ability and expressions of the historic Christian faith.
  • Asbury University is a redemptive community. The community promotes a right relationship with God, with one another and with the institution itself. Redemption requires us to move beyond love as a theory and to put it into practice through forgiveness, reconciliation, restitution and restoration. Thus, the goal of redemption is to move toward maturity in Jesus Christ.
  • Asbury University is a disciplined community. Healthy and holy living requires self-control which is evidenced in learning to limit our own freedom for the good of ourselves and the community. Our community encourages its members not only to discipline themselves but also to be accountable to God and others for their actions. The practice of disciplined living is a lifetime skill which is not always convenient but is always healthy when practiced with a sense of balance.
  • Asbury University is a serving community. The idea of being “saved to serve” permeates this community because Asbury University’s mission is to develop servant-leaders who will make significant contributions to society. It is important to help others and make meaningful contributions to improving the world in which we live, including the challenge of society’s bigger problems.
  • Asbury University is a celebrating community. One sign of a healthy community is the sense of celebration involved in its history and traditions. Asbury University has maintained a focus on its mission for more than 125 years and continues to celebrate its heritage as a provider of Christian liberal arts education in the Wesleyan-Holiness tradition. Academic and spiritual programs, class identity, athletics and student organizations are all worthy of celebration.

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