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Tim Shell

Student Body President
(scholarship position)

Chairs Executive Committee of ASC. Co-Chairs meetings with the ASC Advisor. Responsible for representing needs and concerns of the student body to the faculty and administration.

Office Hours:

M-F 4-5pm

Madison Farrar

Vice President for Governance
(scholarship position)

Chairs the Student Governance branch of ASC. Responsible for directing and motivating committee chairs in this branch, focusing on areas such as academics, parking safety, intercultural relations and various issues related to student body. Presents proposals and recommendations from Governance to the entire ASC.

Office Hours:

MWF 11am-12pm

TH 1-2pm

Hannah Saxe

Vice President for Student Activities
(scholarship position)

Chairs the Student Activities Board (SAB) of ASC. SAB has primary responsibility for campus activities and events. VP is responsible for directing and motivating committee chairs in this branch and presenting proposals and recommendations from SAB to the entire ASC.

Office Hours:

MW 11am-12pm, 1-2pm

F 11am-12pm

Josh Becht

Vice President for Spiritual Life
(scholarship position)

VP for Spiritual Life is an appointed position. Chairs the Spiritual Life Board and is the primary student responsible for being proactive in helping branch committees provide programming to encourage spiritual growth. Presents recommendations and proposals to entire ASC.

Office Hours:

M, T, Th 1-2pm

W 1-3pm

Ben Campbell

Executive Treasurer
(scholarship position)

Member of Executive Committee. Provides accounting information on all ASC budgets. Writes check requests and advance requests for branches. Serves as a resource person for class and organization treasurers.

Office Hours:

Tue 9am-12pm

Th 9-11am

Shawnna Ingram

Executive Secretary
(scholarship position)

Member of Executive Committee. Works closely with the Student Body President on drafts of correspondence and proposals. Keeps minutes for Executive Committee and ASC meetings. Serves as a resource person for other organization secretaries.

Office Hours:

M-F 1-2pm

Kaiser Shaffer

Executive Publicist
(scholarship position)

Coordinates publicity for campus events, works with classes and organizations on layout for flyers, CPO notes, etc. Chairs Public Relations Committee.

Office Hours:

T, Th, F 1-3pm 

Standia Civil

Vice-President of Intercultural Student Programs

(scholarship position)

Oversees committees that promote the education, celebration, and ministry potential of diverse populations through various programs and seminars, often in conjunction with other ASC branches and the office of Intercultural Affairs.

Office Hours:

T, Th, 1-3pm

W 3-4pm