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Intercultural Student Alliances

International, Third-culture, African-American, Asian-American/Pacific-Islander, American-Indian/Alaskan-Native, and Latina/o-American students all provide a richness of culture that is integral to the University. With an institutional commitment to be inclusive and embrace all people, the Office of Intercultural Life sponsors and advises ethnic student organizations and provides individual support for international, third-culture, and U.S. ethnic minority students.

Intercultural Life Student Representatives

Ten to twelve students are selected to serve one-year renewable terms to assist the Office of Intercultural Life in offering cultural programs.  The intercultural reps lead monthly alliance events that provide group support for intercultural students. In addition, intercultural reps help plan and implement a variety of cultural events for the campus community. Students who demonstrate strong leadership skills and meet the specific requirements for a leadership position as stated in the constitution of the organization will be selected to serve on the Leadership Team for providing support and opportunities for social interaction of student members for each of the following alliances: Asian Student Alliance, Black Student Alliance, International Student Alliance,  Latino Student Alliance, and MuKappa.


The Office of Intercultural Life creates a safe and inclusive environment where students from diverse backgrounds feel supported and have opportunities for a positive and affirming community through student alliances.


International, Third culture, and U.S. ethnic minority students all provide a richness of culture that is celebrated on campus, creating a sense of belonging as well as opportunities for students to flourish.


Students are empowered to share their cultural heritage, as well as learn from other cultures, through campus-wide festivals and various types of immersive experiences.

Intercultural Student Groups

Asian Student Alliance

Asian Student Alliance (ASA) is a student organization that seeks to bring awareness and education of different Asian cultures to Asbury’s campus and the community. ASA provides support for Asian students and gives them the opportunity to exchange their cultural knowledge and experiences with each other. The Executive Leadership Team Officers plan events and activities on and off campus to both socialize and experience the Asian-American culture in North America.

Black Student Alliance

Black Student Alliance (BSA) is a student organization that explores and shares African culture and history. BSA provides support for Black students and helps them in their goal to bring Asbury’s campus together in learning black history and celebrating black culture. The group creates a multitude of events (e.g. Black History Week) to bring an awareness of black culture, encourage others to participate in discussion on issues pertaining to the black community, and encourage others to celebrate cultural diversity.

International Student Alliance

International Student Alliance (ISA) is a student organization that represents international students. ISA works to bring international students together to celebrate and explore the rich backgrounds represented on campus. This group also provides opportunities for students to grow and have fun together through various programs and social activities. Though far from their families and familiarity, students are able to find a sense of family.

Latino Student Alliance

Latino Student Alliance (LSA) is a student organization that welcomes all students who identify themselves with the Latino/Hispanic culture. LSA’s goal is to support our Latino/Hispanic students and create awareness of the Latino/Hispanic world through various campus events. These events provide the Asbury community with the opportunity to experience Latino and Hispanic culture through the lives of Latino and Hispanic students at Asbury.

MuKappa (MKs & TCKs)

MuKappa provides a supportive environment for missionary students (MKs) and third culture students (TCKs). This group helps MKs and TCKs adjust to college and embrace their cultural background while learning to integrate into the American community. The Executive Leadership Team Officers assist in this transition by planning social activities for the group and the campus throughout the year.