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Intercultural Life Programs & Events

Through Intercultural programs and events, the Office of Intercultural Life seeks to showcase different parts of the world and give students, faculty, and staff many opportunities to learn about different cultures, and even a chance to learn a new language. These events and activities allow for meaningful dialogues, exchanges of ideas, and cross-cultural friendships.  Intercultural programs and events also provide opportunities for students to gain a better understanding of different perspectives, not only of those abroad but closer to home.  We are equally committed to preparing our students and campus community to engage and understand the diverse cultures that make up our own community. 

A variety of educational and social-cultural activities, events, as well as service opportunities are offered to the campus community. Each year students can attend cultural festivals and programs on campus and in the surrounding community.

Festival Latino de Lexington ­

AU student body is invited to join us for the annual Latino festival in the heart of downtown Lexington. This provides an opportunity for students to experience authentic Hispanic and Latino culture. This festival is a celebration, filled with music, dance performances, crafts, and food. There is no cost for students and transportation is provided. 

Spanish Lunches

Weekly Spanish Lunches provide a great opportunity to meet people, practice your Spanish skills, and enjoy conversations about Spanish food, clothes, music, and films. These events are held in a very relaxed environment and have a variety of attendees from our campus community.

Embrace Conference

The annual Embrace Conference hosted by Asbury University, is organized and sponsored by the Office of Intercultural Affairs. The conference focuses on racial reconciliation and justice through a Wesleyan theological understanding. This is an institutional initiative in partnership with the Office of Intercultural Life and Student Intercultural Programs.

INSO Reunion & New Student Welcome

This event has a two-fold purpose:

  1. To provide an intentional space for INSO students to reconnect with their peers and INSO leaders
  2. To welcome new INSO students who arrive during the Spring semester.

Lunar New Year Celebration

Every year, more than 1.5 billion people across the globe, celebrate the Lunar New Year. In most Asian countries, it is one of the most important holidays of the year. Our student body is invited to join us for this special dinner celebration.

Black History Week Celebration

During the month of February, our student body is invited to join us for an immersive educational experience at the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center thereby celebrating Black culture and educating the campus about Black culture. There is no cost for students and transportation is provided. 

Student Testimonies:

  • “History has not stopped. We don’t pass through time and get to something new. What we will be is dependent on who we be now. If I want a world that sees, then my world must be aware.” (Senior, Class of 2023)
  • “Going on the Cincinnati trip to the freedom center was one of the most fulfilling experiences I’ve had this semester. I am grateful to have had this opportunity, and it is not one that I will forget any time soon. ” (Senior, Class of 2023)
  • “The visit to the Freedom Center was a really refreshing and great learning experience. I feel like I was able to really soak things in. I am really grateful that we were given journals and pens because I was able to reflect…on what stood out to me.” (Senior, Class of 2023)
  • “One thing that really stood out to me was a picture of the dehumanizing ways that slaves were treated (especially the separation of families) and transported.” (Senior, Class of 2023)
  • “There were images and sections of the museum that particularly touched me emotionally and deepened my empathy” (Senior, Class of 2023)

Festival of Nations

The Festival of Nations is a student-led event hosted by the Office of Intercultural Life. Our goal is to raise cultural awareness and celebrate the cultural diversity that enriches our campus community. This year’s festival features cultural booths, musical performances, traditional dance, food sampling, and vendors.

Fun Trip to Jungle Jim’s International Market

There are several ways that the Office of Intercultural Life provides support for international students during the school break. International students have an opportunity to explore and shop at this global market and enjoy Greek food for lunch.