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Intercultural Life


A college experience is significant in every student’s life. It is in this varied and multi-faceted community that understanding of who we are occurs and is shaped. Each student who walks onto Asbury’s campus brings a rich cultural heritage. In the time students are here, we hope that there will be a sharing of cultures that will increase and enrich the learning experience. The Office of Intercultural Life is committed to serve and equip students to engage their cultures through the lens of a Biblical worldview. The need to develop an awareness, understanding, respect and appreciation of cultural diversity is a necessity, as we live in an increasingly globalized society, community and world.

The Office offers a variety of cultural programs that impact student learning and encourage cultural competence. In doing so the Office serves both the entire campus community and the international, third-culture, and U.S. ethnic minority students at the University.


The Office of Intercultural Life seeks to support the mission of Asbury University by facilitating awareness, understanding, respect, and appreciation for cultural diversity, as well as ensuring the academic success and overall satisfaction of international, third culture, and U.S. ethnic minority students enrolled through transition and support programs and services.


Rev. Juan Gonzalez, M.A.
Hispanic Student Specialist
Territory: Secondary Counselor for US Ethnic Minorities
(859) 753-2190

Office Intern

Ariadna Zegarra