What To Bring to ImpactU – Asbury University
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What To Bring to ImpactU

Below is a list of what to bring to ImpactU one-week camps. See separate info for Youth Becoming Leaders (YBL) camp.

We want your camp experience to be a positive one, so here’s how you can prepare.

First, let’s talk clothing: Think “everyday wear” – jeans, shorts, etc. You should bring a swimsuit (one-piece for girls), as well as clothes that can get dirty (river shoes, shorts, etc.). There’ll be time for sports, so bring athletic shoes. Here are some guidelines as you pack:

  • “Short shorts” and tank-tops are not allowed
  • No underclothing should be revealed
  • Clothing shall be free from offensive printing
  • No sleepwear worn outside of dorm
  • Shoes and shirts are required at all times

Okay, what about lodging? You’ll be staying in one of Asbury’s residence halls, but you’ll need to bring your own sleeping bag or bed linens and pillow. You’ll also need to provide your own towels and personal toiletry items. (Your campmates will appreciate you taking a shower at least once.)

And one more thing: You’ll want to take notes and jot down ideas, so make sure to include a Bible, notebook & pens.

See you this summer!