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Youth Becoming Leaders

Program Dates: June 3-12, 2024

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Step up to the leadership role God has destined for you. Youth Becoming Leaders welcomes high school students who are devoted to Christ, hold leadership positions in their communities, excel academically, and strive to understand God’s plan for their future. During the program, students will have the opportunity to reside on the stunning campus of Asbury University. They will be accommodated in university dormitories, dine in the cafeteria, study in Asbury classrooms, and access the university’s student resources. A student will experience: 

  • Immersion in a Christian community for worshipping, learning, and encountering God 
  • Theological instruction from renowned Asbury University and Seminary faculty 
  • Experiential training in spiritual disciplines 
  • Training in researching and engaging significant global issues and discerning culture 
  • Observation and training with local ministry leaders 
  • Training for community action together with a mentor from your home community** 
  • Development of a ministry project to start in their home community 
  • A life-changing institute 

Do you still have questions? Join us on February 26, 2024, from 7:30-8:30 pm EST for a Question and Answer time! Director Caleigh Smith and Assistant Director Jenna Brock will be live to answer any questions. Zoom Link.  

Click here to download the YBL 2024 Flyer

How to Apply to Youth Becoming Leaders

To be accepted into Youth Becoming Leaders, applicants must meet at least the following requirements: a minimum GPA of 3.3***, demonstration of leadership in the local community, reference letters, and Scripture memorization. Students who enroll at Asbury can also receive up to three credits of academic elective credit to be applied toward the general liberal arts degree completion. 

Students are asked to complete a three-step application process by March 15, 2024 to be considered for acceptance into the program. We understand some of you have just heard about the program. If this is you, the 2024 deadline has been extended to March 21, 2024. Please fill out the application and send an email to 

  1. Complete the application.
  2. Identify a mentor from your home church/community that will commit to journeying through a mentor relationship for the next year. Have this potential mentor fill out the Youth Becoming Leaders Mentor and Reference Form and submit it by March 15, 2024. **
  3. Applicants will be asked to memorize a Scripture passage – Luke 10:25-37 – that connects with the theme of Youth Becoming Leaders. The scripture can be any translation. You will be asked to submit a video of yourself reciting the verses and the video must be one recorded video.

Turn in all three application materials (online application, mentor & reference form, and video of Scripture memorization) by Wednesday, March 15, 2024.

**The Youth Becoming Leaders program provides students with a comprehensive post-program curriculum that requires them to work closely with their mentor. As part of this process, mentors are required to participate in a pre-program Zoom training session and an additional Zoom call on the final day of the residential program. During this call, students and mentors will work together to refine a ministry project the student will undertake in the following months. To assist mentors, YBL will provide a helpful mentor workbook. 

***Students who display strong leadership qualities and whose references can attest to their suitability for the program will still be considered, even if they do not meet the GPA requirement. 

Accepted! Now What?

  1. Complete a short personality inventory. It will help place students into small groups and assist in leadership development. Once you submit your application information, a link to the inventory will be sent to the email address you provided. Take a screenshot of the full description and email it to Jenna Brock. (View instructions on how to take a screenshot.) Deadline: April 19, 2024. 
  2. Complete a short online pre-event assessment. This assessment will be emailed to students in late spring. Deadline: April 19, 2024.
  3. Submit payment. Deadline: April 19, 2024.
  4. Have your parent/guardian complete the required YBL Parent Permission Forms below if they have not already done so. They should have already received an email invitation to complete this form.
    • YBL Parent Permission Form This permission form is required for you to participate in the YBL program.
    • Challenge Course Permission Form A trip to the Asbury University Challenge Course is a major team-building and leadership activity included in the program and the permission form is required for you to participate in the Challenge Course.

Complete and bring to AU:

  1. Project Checklist and Worksheet Form. Please schedule a time to meet with your mentor and go over the Project Checklist and Worksheet Form together before you arrive in June. Every student who participates in YBL will develop a ministry project to implement in their home community with the help of their mentor. Completion of this form will prepare you to start working on your ministry project when you arrive for YBL. We want you to be prayed up and ready to give life to your project when you get here!
  2. Read Everyday Saint: Rejecting Sin, Choosing Love by Jim Hampton, which will be referenced during your time at YBL. You will be sent this book at the mailing address you entered on your application. The deadline to have the book read is June 3, 2024. We will send a copy of this book to you by mail after May 1 and the finalization of your registration materials.
  3. Download a checklist version of the Packing List.