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Coding Camp

Coding Camp provides an introduction to computer programming using the Python language. The camp includes both instruction and hands-on experience in applying computational approaches to critical thinking, problem solving, and creative expression. The instruction will be given at a level that assumes no prior programming experience, and which focuses on basic principles of writing code in any language. While the programming principles covered in this camp could lead into deeper study of computer science and software development, the primary goal is to provide campers with tools to begin their journey in programming and to equip them with basic knowledge and thinking skills to continue to grow in their use of software to solve real-world problems.

No coding experience required for the camp!

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Camp Dates:

Camp dates will be announced in October 2024.

View the daily schedule.


The camp is $550 per person, and includes food, lodging, and all expenses.

What You Can Expect:

  • Hands-on experience with interactive programming in the Python language
  • Formal instruction in basic elements of software and software design principles
  • Theory and practice for creative approaches to expressing real-world problems in ways that are conducive to software solutions
  • Familiarity with tools currently in common use throughout industry and academia.

About Your Instructors:

Ben McLaughlin
Dr. Ben McLaughlin

Benjamin McLaughlin is an Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Asbury University. He received his Ph.D. in Computational Science from Florida State University in 2015. From 2015-2022 he worked as a scientist at the Naval Surface Warfare Center, Panama City Division in Panama City, FL.  His research interests include automatic data processing, numerical solutions of PDEs for modeling and simulation, and accelerated numerical methods in scientific computing.

Dr. Duk Lee

Duk Lee is Professor of Mathematics at Asbury. He has served as a faculty member of the Kentucky Governor’s Scholars Program for fourteen summers in various disciplines, including mathematical thinking, physical sciences, and engineering. His hobbies are playing golf and classical guitar, making origami models for mathematical and aerodynamic studies, and occasional 3-D prints. He is always ready to have fun and stimulate young minds.