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Bachelor’s Degree in Sport Management

Asbury University’s Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Sport Management degree program empowers students to discover career success in the extremely popular field of sports and athletic management. In 2021, the global sports industry generated an estimated $300 billion.

This four-year degree program is designed to uplift skills in managing and operating organizations in the sports industry. You’ll also take courses in specific areas of business, such as law, finance and marketing. An experience-driven curriculum provides students with a combination of coursework and professional background.

What is a Degree in Sport Management?

The sport management major is a program that involves learning hard skills like promoting and organizing events and calculating smart business decisions, combined with knowledge of the sport and athletic industry at all levels. You’ll learn how businesses develop and market products or services related to sport and athletics, as well as how to manage human resources to accomplish goals.

With preparation for careers in school and community leagues, professional sport organizations, established athletic programs and businesses related to sport marketing, media, merchandise or event management, anyone with a passion for sport can begin or progress their career with a B.A. in Sport Management.

B.A. in Sport Management Degree Requirements

In the sport management degree program, you’ll take courses in core business principles, as well as receive instruction in specific aspects of the industry, like marketing, finance and business communications.

Requirements include field-specific courses as well as general education courses through the Foundations curriculum. The bachelor’s degree in sports management requires:

  • 36 credits in business core courses
  • 12 credits in sport management core
  • Nine hours in other sport management courses
  • 47 credits in Foundations curriculum requirements
  • 20 credits in electives of choices

In addition to learning essential business practices, you’ll also gain leadership skills specific to managing in the sports industry. If you’re interested in an area like sport law, facility management or event management, you’ll have opportunities to take courses in those subjects.

Review the comprehensive degree requirements for the B.A. in Sport Management and view the course catalog for course descriptions.

What Can You Do With a Degree in Sport Management?

Earning a bachelor’s in sport management provides the background students need to pursue many careers in athletics, business, entertainment, events, sales and more.

From media and event production to private businesses and athletic programming, the sporting and athletic industry offers career paths in:

  • Events and facilities management
  • Media communications, public relations or marketing
  • Athletic program administration
  • Finance and business development
  • Travel and tourism

No matter your God-given talents and passions, there is a sport management career pathway that aligns with your intentions. 

Through a hands-on curriculum encouraging students to grasp the unique functions and goals of the industry, the B.A. in Sport Management allows graduates to pursue careers that nurture their love for athletics, whether that’s on the field with the players, operating behind the scenes or planning and promoting your organization’s games or events.

Whether you envision being of service to an existing team or athletic program or trailblazing a path of your own, Asbury’s B.A. in Sport Management helps you craft your future. Offering a vast range of minor degree programs, the sport management major also allows you to originate a plan of study that includes accounting, graphic design, marketing or any field that supports your interests in sport management.

▾ Career Opportunities for Sport Management Majors

Career paths in management include:

  • General Manager
  • Athletic Director
  • Athletic Program Executive (President, Vice President, Executive Director)

In sport communication and media-related areas of the industry like sports broadcasting, careers include:

  • Sport Communication Director
  • Media Relations Assistant
  • TV or Film Video Production Assistant
  • Web Manager

If you’re interested in the event side of the industry, careers include:

  • Facility Manager
  • Special Events Director or Coordinator
  • Food and Beverage Manager
  • Customer Relations or Guest Services Manager
  • Promotions Manager

Finance and business development are integral to the success of many sports organizations. Careers include:

  • Ticket or Accounting Manager
  • Associate Athletic Director for Finance
  • Salesperson or Sales Manager

Sport marketing career paths include:

  • Sport Marketer
  • Tournament Operations Manager
  • Guest Relations Specialist
  • Business Development Manager
  • Corporate Sales Manager

Public relations career paths in sports:

  • Vice President for Public Relations
  • Sports Publicity Director or Media Director
  • Community Relations Manager
  • Corporate Communications Assistant

Sport tourism and travel-related job opportunities include:

  • Tournament Operations Manager
  • Guest Relations Specialist
  • Adventure Travel Coordinator
  • Adventure Program Manager
  • Travel/Tour Guide
  • Special Events Coordinator

Pathways to Graduate School

Earning an advanced degree in business or another specialized field after graduating with a bachelor’s in sport management can further career possibilities in executive management of public and private athletic associations, sport law, media, education, etc. 

Sport management majors who feel called to advanced administrative, legal or educational roles in athletic departments, organizations or private businesses will be well-equipped to apply for graduate programs after graduation.

Why Study Sport Management at Asbury University?

Gain Professional Experience

Through a career-driven management capstone project and an internship component, the B.A. in Sport Management degree curriculum incorporates several ways to gain hands-on professional experience in your field.

Whether it’s getting involved with a local sports organization or facility or an internship in sport marketing, you’ll have the opportunity to graduate with demonstrated skills acquired under the direction of a supervisor in the industry.

Asbury University has a school-wide dedication to experiential learning. If you’re interested in traveling and getting involved in your career path while earning your degree, learn more about off-campus and global programs at Asbury and the Cross-Cultural Engagement program.

Dayton School of Business Student Opportunities

The Dayton School of Business offers students a unique college environment that uses God’s teachings to inform how to serve God, themselves and others in business and finance careers.

In addition to a community-building Collaborative Learning Center and Asbury’s rich student life, sport management majors have the opportunity to be considered for the Dayton Business Scholarship, an award of $10,000 given to two business students each year.

Stay at Asbury for an M.B.A.

Sport management majors at Asbury enjoy a unique opportunity to continue their education with a Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) in management or non-profit management after graduation. With Asbury’s 4+1 M.B.A. program, it’s easier to get a head start on your graduate studies while pursuing your undergraduate credentials.

If you’re interested in earning an M.B.A. in just one year after your B.A. in Sport Management, review the complete information about the Asbury +1 M.B.A. program.

Explore Asbury Admissions and Financial Aid

When you apply to Asbury University, you’ll automatically be evaluated for scholarships. Did you know that nearly all Asbury freshmen receive some form of financial aid? Learn more about Asbury Financial Aid.

Learn about deadlines, application requirements and more by exploring Asbury Admissions.

Apply to the B.A. in Sport Management at Asbury

The bachelor’s in Sport Management degree program at Asbury University fosters a foundation in management principles and promotes a holistic understanding of sport professions.

If you wish to embrace your passion for sports through a fulfilling vocation working with others, Asbury’s sport management degree gives you the skills to uplift the value of sports and athletics in communities in your backyard and around the globe.

Contact Admissions to learn more about the program or apply today.